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Midnight by motionlessmonstax
Midnightby Lady Fangirl 2♌
While Wuxian and Wangji are out of town. Cheng and Huisang are in charged of of watching Yuan for them. Something happens those. I came up with this idea at 4 am while w...
What You Don't Know - JC x NHS fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
What You Don't Know - JC x NHS HaiRyuuKi
Credits to the one who edited the picture 😂😂😂😂😂 Summary: A kindess a day keeps the loneliness away. (I just made this up 😂😂😂) Out of being classmates in the past...
Dramatic much by motionlessmonstax
Dramatic muchby Lady Fangirl 2♌
"But daddy." "No butts princess." Huisang has a daddy kink and well Cheng likes it. This is an Au. Not a little story. I don't have any kinks but th...
Terceiro beijo: Preguiçosamente by Ellnim
Terceiro beijo: Preguiçosamenteby Ellnim
A manhã podia ser o horário mais íntimo para um casal com todas aquelas carícias e sussurros preguiçosos logo ao abrir os olhos. Cheng acordara cedo, e sente-se o cara m...
Faithful by nctbvbfangirl
Faithfulby Lady Fangirl ♌
Jiang Cheng likes Huisang but hasn't told him yet. During a party he finds out something. This stories has warnings. I don't own the characters unless they are original...
Always by nctbvbfangirl
Alwaysby Lady Fangirl ♌
Huisang getting the attention of his crush or Jiang Cheng finally seeing that Nie Huisang is perfect for him. This is story has some warnings. This is a work of fictiona...
🌸 Mo Dao Zu Shi Oneshots 🌸 {REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!} by ArielLynn1014
🌸 Mo Dao Zu Shi Oneshots 🌸 { ✨🖤Ariel🖤✨
Started: 7/28/2020 Finished: 🌸✨🌸✨🌸✨🌸 Ever wanted to know what WangXian might do in a Modern AU or how a Disney AU might work?? Well you're in luck!! Check out MDZS...