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The Player Next Door by BabyInACorner
The Player Next Doorby Natalie
[#1 Teen Fiction | #1 in Romance] Bad boy Luke Dawson is stuck living with clumsy nobody Millie Ripley for the summer. When she ran over his most prized possession, he...
Bruises by Thea_Caylen
Bruisesby 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝖆💮
Book 1 - The Bruised Boxer Series Oreo addicted freshman, Maddison Maurice hated her job at the college gym, it was surprisingly the most quiet and boring job she'd ever...
Strange Ties--Percy Jackson by alekostas11
Strange Ties--Percy Jacksonby al
Percy finds out that he is a descendant from a very powerful dark wizard. And because he is the only person that is half demigod and half wizard, the Gods send him to Ho...
 hidden city by fa64900
hidden cityby fa64900
-اشعر بأن قلبي يتمزق اشعر باني حزين!- همست باذنه بصوت يدعو للتفاؤل كل شيء سيكون بخير: -مهما كانت احزانك كبيرة كل شيء سيمضي قال سيمضي ومعه جزاء من روحي .
Spell by 4jkaqgf3
A spell is a series of words that has magical power. If you are under a spell, then what you do is out of your control - your thoughts and actions are dictated by the sp...
Sophia and the magic elevator by fire_eating_panda98
Sophia and the magic elevatorby Panda_Café
A girl falls one day in a forest in a deep whole. When she lands she sees an elevator and a life-size rabbit who is actually a boy who got cursed by a witch because he b...
A Lone Love #1.1 ✔️ by darkblonde1
A Lone Love #1.1 ✔️by Darkblonde1
Maximus' POV of The Lone Dove: #1.5 Maximus Myers, a treasure to the Queen City High School, his own parents attended and fell in love. His mindset was not a mirror imag...
Kaeton's Obsession (Blazing Series 1) by mayerinaya
Kaeton's Obsession (Blazing makina
Slow update. "Those years I thought I'm a loser, he made me realized that the succes I was chasing is actually here in my heart. The succes of my life means keeping...
Percy Goes to Hogwarts - [Percy in Hogwarts Series:Book 1] ✓ by __quxxn
Percy Goes to Hogwarts - [Percy ♕
Percy gets a letter from Hogwarts asking him to attend the school for sixth year after his holidays.What happens when the two worlds crash? Takes place after the Giant W...
Manan : Conflicting Changes by Beyond_Moon
Manan : Conflicting Changesby Beyond Moon
Two strangers met threw a call and eventually one of them gets so hurt that they step into another's life to make it hell. A good interesting story with a lot of unexpe...
The Lone Dove #1 ✔️ by darkblonde1
The Lone Dove #1 ✔️by Darkblonde1
A billionaire romance. The Lone Dove #1 Love and Trust are two very important ideals, but what happens when the moment you lose the two most important people in the wor...
A Touch of Sin by gracerose767
A Touch of Sinby allisfairinlove&war
'To win a war she was born into, she had to have the Devil on her side.' ••• Nephele thought she was normal. She had considered herself average, even with the demons tha...
The Little Dove #2 ✔️ by darkblonde1
The Little Dove #2 ✔️by Darkblonde1
Sequel to The Lone Dove: # 2 Melanie Myers is the daughter of Poppy and Maximus Myers. She has her Mother's ethereal blonde locks and her father's amethyst island eyes...
Malfoy's Curse by AyaMohmmed760
Malfoy's Curseby 🌺أبنة القلم 🌺
The curse of Malfoy, the horn of Satan, befell them, to disperse everyone, so each of them abandoned his childhood to be the leader of his flock, to start an epic of war...
V.I.P 08 NERVE by ilmelistan
"Now.." He slightly tilts his head other side. He looks scary and cruel in spite of his clown mask. I wait for another order, biting my lips tensely. "Put...
Charm | A Dave East Story by allmyhoespretty
Charm | A Dave East Storyby allmyhoespretty
22 year old Ayana "Charm" Davis is taken under the wings of her aunt and uncle, Keyshia and Radric "Gucci" Davis - aka The Wopsters, when her parents...
Adie's Loyal Love #3 by darkblonde1
Adie's Loyal Love #3by Darkblonde1
The Lone Dove: #3 Celestial. Parker. Myers. Creed. My bloodline was an extensive entanglement of Business entrepreneurs. My father is the CEO of an oil manufacturing ind...
Something Worth Living For (Watty Awards 2011) by nikkichicky
Something Worth Living For ( nikkichicky
Allison Warner was head over heels in love with her ambitious sport journalist boyfriend, Eric Denton and couldn't picture life without him. But what happens when she is...
Small Town Southern Charm by SomeLikeItHot23
Small Town Southern Charmby SomeLikeItHot23
Taralyn loved living in her small town. Not much went on there and she loved it that way. She loved all of it's southern charm unlike most of the people. Most of her fri...