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instagram  ⟶ by wifeu_of_chanyeol
instagram ⟶ p.cyby 𝐲𝐚𝐧
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Stay With ME [EXO Chanyeol] by RuiJuan78
Stay With ME [EXO Chanyeol]by OT12-exoL
EXO was filming MV for EXO's 5th Full Album: Don't Mess Up My Tempo when the accident occurred. Chanyeol met Hana and fell in love with her. Will Hana stay with Chanyeol...
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Stepbrother - Chanyeol  by stfuexo
Stepbrother - Chanyeol by baekhyun's
It is where i am not suppose to fall in love with my brother but accidentally did.
13th Member of Exo by kimraewa
13th Member of Exoby Mimi1900l
Park Hyemin was 13 years old, when her parents took her to a cast of SM Entertainment. She had been a trainee for 3 years when she debuted with the band Exo as the only...
Has It Always Been Him? (EXO Chanyeol fanfiction) by loey414
Has It Always Been Him? (EXO icy4loey
Bethany (Hani) is a lucky girl to have the opportunity to live with exo for two months. She eventually fall in love with them. Somehow, complicated is what comes first i...
365 Days NOT To Fall In Love; STAR LOVERS // EXO Chanyeol by byunieberrie
365 Days NOT To Fall In Love; ↬underwater↫
«Two years. Two hearts. One unfinished love story» [Sequel of "365 Days Not To Fall In Love // EXO Chanyeol"] © All Rights Reserved @byunieberrie
My Happy Virus || 엑소 찬열 by oohfluffy
My Happy Virus || 엑소 찬열by fℓuffy-nim
"Can I be selfish for a while?" ⌨ Started Posting On: November 9, 2014 ⌨ Story Ended On: August 15, 2015
Unexpectedly, Engaged.  by yeoliely
Unexpectedly, Engaged. by Sñrta Estrella 💕
What will you do if out of no where you will be engaged to a man you don't even know and worst, it is the only choice you have? Oh Eun Soo is just another lady in town w...
Closest Love to Heaven by zmexoY24
Closest Love to Heavenby 𝓶𝓮𝓪𝔀
❝ Can you teach your heart who to love? ❞ ♕︎ Closest Love to Heaven ♕︎ Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of bringing people toget...
Enemy??||Chanyeol X Reader (UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING) by keeyttt
Enemy??||Chanyeol X Reader ( pork_chanyolk
Y/N was a normal highschool student, having good grades, being beautiful enough and nice. Everybody got along with her nicely... well except for this guy named Park Chan...
Within These Shadows || Park Chanyeol/Do Kyungsoo || Book 1 by imvura0414
Within These Shadows || Park I̶m̶v̶u̶r̶a̶
"Life is but a walking shadow" ~ William Shakespeare Within these shadows, the battle to rise to the surface of light, is fought. Within these shadows, are the...
pretend + chanbaek by soft4huiwon
pretend + chanbaekby ᵈᵉˢ シ
chanyeol needs someone to marry so he doesn't loose his money. and baekhyun needs more money will he accept ? (completed)
Stay a little longer with me by exo_bollywood
Stay a little longer with meby exo_bollywood
This is the story of an innocent girl who accidentally loses her passport and visa in an unknown city like seoul in korea ,The city she never knew So in this story we w...
The Rental Boyfriend || PCY ||  by author_potato
The Rental Boyfriend || PCY || by sayonara
(COMPLETE STORY) {chanyeolXcrisa(you)} Fanfiction..... English story! "You're Heart broken??" he asked me "Yeah, he cheated on me" you answered ...
Married to EXO's Park Chanyeol (Completed) by Bae_khyunnie
Married to EXO's Park Chanyeol ( Mrs. Byun
what does it feel to be married to an idol a hot and handsome idol. read and find out
If I Can't Have You... (An EXO fan fiction) by kristinhalim
If I Can't Have You... (An EXO 엑소-ℓ
‼️DISCLAIMER‼️ | All facts and schedules of EXO in this fanfic are purely fictitious. Please don't correlate them with their actual 2015 schedule as it wouldn't make sen...
Coincidence? No It's Destiny by kokobophoe
Coincidence? No It's Destinyby tinkerbell~
Would a so called cold CEO fall in love with a trouble maker.? "Yo-you what.? You LOVE me.?YOU LOVE ME.!!??? " y/n said not believing her ears. "Why...C...
Y O U [COMPLETED] by ItsSehuniesWife
Y O U [COMPLETED]by yenyentiay_
"Who am I to you?" A girl. Thats just what other people think of her. Just a girl. Are you even important to them? No. They don't even care about you. But litt...
the zodiac academy  ~ pcy ~ by CityOfSeoul
the zodiac academy ~ pcy ~by o.r.h
"I loved you then, I truly did. You treated me in a way no one treated me before. You made me feel wanted. And for that, I am grateful." The Zodiac Academy, wh...