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In the eye of the dead{C.G/TWD Fan-Fiction} by endedupatthesea
In the eye of the dead{C.G/TWD sunni
|| PG13 || "got bit,fever hit, world gone to shit, might as well quit." { This story is no longer being written, but will be edited. Sorry to all those who hop...
With love comes problems by Janoskianator12123
With love comes problemsby Janoskianator12123
Jason is best friends with Chandler Riggs and has been for about six years. The problem is, is that Jason is a closeted gay, and he has been in love with Chandler for h...
Darker Skies *The Walking Dead* by TWDislife123
Darker Skies *The Walking Dead*by Adrianne
"Carl." The girl breathed. Her legs shook from pain, excitement, surprise, happiness. "Skylar?" The boy who was once called her friend tilted his h...
Dixon Daughter (~Carl Grimms Love Story~) by heavenlyhxrry
Dixon Daughter (~Carl Grimms Izzy Hood and Gabby Clifford
Living in a Zombie apocalypse sucks. Desiree Dixon's entire family is gone. Friends, gone. Home, gone. But when she runs into a small group in the woods, maybe even meet...
The New Girl (Chandler Riggs Fan fiction) by Yorvexox
The New Girl (Chandler Riggs Fan Yorve
~ON HOLD~ Rosetta Mendes was the new girl everything was going so well....until she meet Chandler Riggs. Rosetta has a horrible past a past she tries to escape but what...
Alone Together - Carl Grimes by lokiapologist
Alone Together - Carl Grimesby serena¡
" It only takes one second. One second and it's over. " OR Carl and Annalise try anything to survive in a world built against them. ...
1000 Miles - Chandler Riggs // Austin Abrams by danisnotinlondon
1000 Miles - Chandler Riggs // Nicole
Three best friends. Two weeks. The cast of Paper Towns. What could go wrong? Maybe a couple cast members falling in love with you, right? Poppy Delewater's life changes...
Clarkesville (Chandler Riggs) by chandlersberries
Clarkesville (Chandler Riggs)by Molly Kate
When 14 year old Riley Ghent has to leave her home in Connecticut to move to California, something goes wrong. After stopping the flight at Atlanta, Georgia, she finds o...
Gun Powder & Love. by lukeyloveshaley
Gun Powder & haley's bitchin'
Could the one thing Haley is afraid of the most, make her happiest? Love.
It's Us and Them by grimeslovestory
It's Us and Themby grimeslovestory
❝I knew it all... right then, at that moment. He was it.❞ © grimeslovestory 2014. Characters and excerpts from AMC's "The Walking Dead" are all subject copyrig...
fear of tomorrow by walkingdeadimagines
fear of tomorrowby •dеsтinу•
The sequel to the very popular story, accidental encounter (carl & you). This story is a whole different storyline where you are thrown into something straight out of a...
Bullied - Chandler Riggs by fernhby
Bullied - Chandler Riggsby Fern
River Davidson is a 15 year old who keeps to herself. It's her first year of high school and she's already being haunted by her 7th grade group of bullies. Will she lear...
Meeting Chandler by EmiTheCookie
Meeting Chandlerby Emi The Gurl
Alice Barry has to move to Atlanta because her mom gets an audition, when Alice meets Chandler she falls in love with him. Can Alice face future problems? Read now to fi...
Love With A Price (Chandler Riggs FANFIC) by mrowland71
Love With A Price (Chandler Morgan Ashleigh
Morgan moves to Atlanta to become a new role on the hit show The Walking Dead, only to find her one and only love, Chandler, the one meant for her. Little does she know...