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Six and Hamilton React to their musicals by sadlittlepumpkin
Six and Hamilton React to their Hannah Jane
basicly the title WARNING: *there will be swearing* Also all the song lyrics belong to the writers of them
A Queens Life by amberrrx1708
A Queens Lifeby ambersx
Your an understudy at Six The Musical in London, and you love your life. Your friends are so supportive and couldn't love them anymore. However, you realise something al...
More Six One shots by aweb1122
More Six One shotsby TOrTuLe buddyyy
I reached the limit on the last one.... ENJOY!
In Nora of Lancaster is dead, but her legacy lives on through Marie of Burgundy, the Tudor's ward, and Princess Katherine Tudor, the eldest daughter of Lizbeth of York a...
Six The Musical Oneshots by Haus_Of_Howard
Six The Musical Oneshotsby Haus_Of_Howard
i had plans to make an actual Six fanfiction book, but I had lots of random ideas and couldn't think of an actual plot. So I decided to make a oneshot book where I can w...
In which the death of Joan of Hungary sends Cathy on a ship back to England to become a ward of the Royal family and she is thrown into chaos. She tries her hardest not...
Six the Musical Oneshots by we_stan_six
Six the Musical Oneshotsby A six stan 😌💅🏾
because i have no sense of originality 🤠👍🏾
The Legend of the Girl from 2020 | Henry VIII by anneboleynsbnecklace
The Legend of the Girl from 2020 | 💗
A group of girls travels back to the 16th century and one of them is Mia. Mia is a Girl from a Legend in which the King falls in love with a girl from the Future. Join...
A New Life by Bellatheb
A New Lifeby :)
SO. the six queens are having a second chance at life (it's about eight mouths after) so jA!
Lost (Parrlyn) by Sorrynotsorry29
Lost (Parrlyn)by Fiona
Ever since Henry had left Catherine Parr, she had been left penniless and broken, with no friends or family left that cared about her or wanted her. Then she met Anne B...
Living in Richmomd by emmafangirl
Living in Richmomdby Emma
So this is kinda a six fanfic thing? So anyways! So this is like a thing where Anne isn't dead and neither is Katherine H. Anne and Catherine A sneak back to the palace...
I'll always be your hero by arsonisticbratsunite
I'll always be your heroby arsonisticbratsunite
Parrcleves- Cathy+Anna. You might not always end up where you're truly supposed to be, but you'll end up loving it anyways. If you don't like crazy stuff then don't read...
Aralyn smut book  by GAYtorade69
Aralyn smut book by Gay Dumbass
Literally just a story about Lina and Anne fucking
Six the Musical Cast Oneshots by sixswrites
Six the Musical Cast Oneshotsby w
One shots of the Six the Musical Actresses. Ships welcomed, no smut here. Comment what you'd like to see!
Silent tears by Sorrynotsorry29
Silent tearsby Fiona
"No, it's better to cry silent tears. If nobody sees you cry, your secret stays safe..." Katherine Howard was starting school in Year 9 while being fostered by...
Six Socials ( Six Social Media AU) by theatreismycult
Six Socials ( Six Social Media AU)by Addy
What if the Queens of Six were here in the Modern Times? Lol yeah another one of theses 😳 and it isn't the last So some of the ships might come later one because i ha...
The Mistress of King Henry VIII by RavenclawQueenx
The Mistress of King Henry VIIIby Kyana Lopez
Victoria Cambridge, the daughter of the Duke of Cambridge was brought to Hampton Court to distract the King from another miscarriage from his wife Catherine. What she di...