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Magic Misc and Map Maker by PhantomoCat
Magic Misc and Map Makerby Grace
NEW MAP MAKING SERVICE Writing resources, tags, short stories... basically anything I feel like putting here. (Actual good cover coming soon)
Cartography by BrinaMBrown
Cartographyby Brina M. Brown
Highest rank: #1 in cartography #1 in mapmaking A collection of maps that I draw as I draw them. If you would like to use them, PM me. If you want me to draw you a map...
TO WITHHOLD A STORM. by hydrancheas
(or, the queer barbie retelling we've all been waiting for.) Nerymatha was once promised the world, and is realizing there's nothing but dirt and smoke under the stones...
I began writing my manuscripts[mss], for Pod People[fifth book], in order to engage the fellas, in a dream-like fantasy, where the facility was decommissioned, and conve...
CELESTIAL MECHANICS: The Tour Guide. by hydrancheas
A companion piece to Celestial Mechanics! [This is a guide meant for you, the reader, to learn more about Ys Amebar and the characters. It's really really self indulgent]
[on erasers] by vivace
[on erasers]by less
that old blah blah blah.
The Charter by SomeStraightUpSatire
The Charterby woah
My 2nd Wattys Entry. A man and his horse, trudging through landscape, and documenting the land and people he encounters along his travels.
Geo-Info Notes (III Semester) by EldaahLovewoods
Geo-Info Notes (III Semester)by Jedidah Singh Rhoda
Hello Geo-Informaticians! This work is exclusively for you. You can find the necessary notes that you are looking for here. Notes will be available for all courses in ou...
Mosaic Misadvantures by NeoGuardian
Mosaic Misadvanturesby NeoGuardian
A bengal, A bumpkin, A bear, and a blond in a vast world full of possibilities, mysteries and madness simply trying to navigate through it the best way they know how, al...
Mapmaker part 1: A Dimming Star by Tingle
Mapmaker part 1: A Dimming Starby Tingle
In a world where separate lands refuse to accept foreign ideas and explore the unknown, Lilla plunges outside of her countryside home to fulfill her dream of creating a...
Map Quest by Moosashi
Map Questby Kevin
In a world with poor direction, one man sets out with a dream to change that. Inspired by a childhood event, cartographer Murto plans to make a map of the world and ever...
The Amateur Cartographer by AudreyMSchultz
The Amateur Cartographerby AudreyMSchultz
Patrick is addicted to heroin. Patrick needs money to buy heroin. An artist still grieving his father's death, Patrick sets out to make a map to find where his father w...