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Streets by trapgoddess_
Streetsby Life Of A Princess
*THIS IS NOT A MEGAN THEE STALLION FANFIC!!!* The streets were colder than a winter storm. You can love the streets and be as loyal to the streets as much as you want. B...
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risk it all  by tamiiamariie
risk it all by tamiiamariie
15 year old Tamar thinks she has it all figured out as she's finished her high school journey as a freshman. Going into her sophomore year she think she has everything f...
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𝐃𝐎𝐖𝐍 𝐓𝐎 𝐑𝐈𝐃𝐄. by astoldbylani
"You trust me?" he asked, eyes turning soft once they made contact. "Maj, I-I-" "I said do you trust me, Lucky?" he repeated, voice hard...
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Nurse Or Nanny?  by rachaellee12
Nurse Or Nanny? by Collins
My name is Laura Collins and I'm on the run. My life was pretty normal, I was a nurse, I was living with my best friend in the best city on earth. I saw my family most...
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Obligated To The Dellucci by akendall16
Obligated To The Dellucciby Kendall
As a young child Arieon Anderson was orphaned when she lost a brother and her parents in a fire that started in their home. Dominic Dellucci and some members of his maf...
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kings never die, narcos by foosfighters
kings never die, narcosby jenn🔮
THROUGH THE PASSAGE OF TIME KINGS NEVER DIE SEASON 1 - SEASON 3 thanks for reading♡ started: january 17, 2020 finished: tbd
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A Cartel Affair (First Original Draft) by LindaCCherry
A Cartel Affair (First Original LindaCCherry
** Special Note ** This story will be edited at a later date to fit my current writing style, however, I am leaving this first very rough draft up until then. Highest...
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Saving Maliyah by curls_n_curves
Saving Maliyahby Ashleigh ♥
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Malamente // BWWM by -MVXINE
Malamente // BWWMby maxine 🍒
Giovanni Caruso was the feared and respected capofamiglia of the Sicilian Mafia. Manny Montoya was the wicked and elusive head of the Sinaloa cartel. Together, they fo...
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Shackles on the heart (Book #1) by MissKBookWorm96
Shackles on the heart (Book #1)by Ragan Keller🖤
RaeAnna Sallow was once a little girl with a heart made of pure gold. Yet tragedy compelled her to grow up too quickly, protecting her little brother from dangers at hom...
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His Lovely Fénix by SupernaturalGirl3191
His Lovely Fénixby Samantha Perez
Fénix "Nix" Pérez got dump by her long term boyfriend, Her friend wanted to take her out getting over her ex. Fénix thinks it would be a good idea for her so...
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British Mafia by sugarslover
British Mafiaby Blank
18, just out of high school, has a full ride volleyball scholarship to the university of her dreams. What happens when Y/N discovers her family is the head of the reclus...
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The Devil and The Spider by Love_IsAStrongWord
The Devil and The Spiderby Leah Billings
Vera took over the family business only a few short years ago. She is a strict but fair leader, to most... Katarina, better known as Spyder, was the leader of her own ca...
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God's Disciples MC by LuckyBlueRaven
God's Disciples MCby LuckyBlueRaven
My name is Ink I'm the VP of God's Disciples I've been in the MC for about 5 years I own my own tattoo shop I was an only child Had a fucked up past, parents were both j...
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Stolen by loverzgirl
Stolenby @x.kshani
Karri is the 21 yr old 'trap' princess. With her dad being head in charge over the entire Mexican drug cartel, there has always been a hit out on her head as his only d...
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Past haunting  by wweisgabby
Past haunting by All Ambrollins
Dean had his whole life figured out together with Seth, whom he happily married. But when Deans dad comes back it's messes up Dean's great life. As a result he starts dr...
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The Benjamin Cartel: Saving Blossom by ArielBFlowers
The Benjamin Cartel: Saving Blossomby Ariel B. Flowers
King Benjamin was introduced to drugs, alcohol, and sex at the age of ten and by twelve was a well known drug dealer. When his father died and left him in charge he took...
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Misunderstood by _SusySusyy
Misunderstoodby Sarah
Troubled or Misunderstood? I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.
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KONER KREW by StanleyMatthew020412
KONER KREWby Stanley Matthew
Get sucked into the journey of what it feels like to be a hormonal teenager who wants to experiment and live life to the fullest whilst faced by many challenges. In a wo...
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