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KISS Preferences  by MoonWalkerFan1998
KISS Preferences by emily
My own version of the KISS rock band preferences.
Sweet N' Dirty Love by Alive9065
Sweet N' Dirty Loveby Alive9065
A kiss one shot collection. My ao3 account is alive985, I post frequently. I'm doing this as a side thing. It will be between the members of kiss so don't expect any OCs
Kiss and the roulette wheel challenge game  by MoonWalkerFan1998
Kiss and the roulette wheel emily
All nine KISS members are playing the roulette wheel challenge game. Hilarity included.
For Freddie and Eric  by tommy_is_hot
For Freddie and Eric by tommy_thayer_is_hot
The day we lost 2 legends #4 in carr🖤💖
Into The Night (A Farrley Fanfiction) by Provokethemind7
Into The Night (A Farrley Michelle Coletti
When a spaceship crash lands in the middle of the woods, a lonesome fox comes and licks all of the glowing goo off the alien. When the alien wakes up, he feels the diffe...
sweet cash customer carr number 9547920136//24x7 helpline sport by sweetloancash
sweet cash customer carr number sweetloancash
sweet cash customer carr number 9547920136// 839199954///24x7 helpline sport
Trouble (Lucien Carr x Allen Ginsberg 90s Au) by saturn-and-neptune
Trouble (Lucien Carr x Allen Penny Lane
'its complicated' 'perfect, i love complicated'
Carried Away by sarwendil
Carried Awayby sarwendil
Jimmy Carr x OC. Emma is an American who just moved to London for a job. She meets a way-too-outgoing and friendly man on her first day of work. Maybe the man with the l...
this is a joe lycett fanfiction by Ahhhhhh-Ziraphale
this is a joe lycett fanfictionby adrian🎈☁
that man is joe lycett. this is a story. i'll be honest, it's not very good. it's quite shit, but nevertheless, i am going to write this shit storm story and see what i...
This is Show Business baby by RavenBacchlorette
This is Show Business babyby Raven Bachlorette
A talented comic writer gets involved with a TV personality and through the trials and tribulations of this well meaning home wrecker we see true love blossom against co...
How To Remember by PurpleBookTroll
How To Rememberby Hope N. Green
A tragic past leads to amnesia in the form of protection in Carr. A year later, she runs away and meets Jared, but he says that they used to know each other. Is Jared re...
Moving Day by CassandraCarr
Moving Dayby Cassandra Carr
Will Sebastian moving in with Sarah spur Rob to seek his own happy-ever-after? Storm Series 1.5 (bridge story between Should've Known Better, Storm book 1 and Underneath...
The Second Generation. by AbbySears8
The Second AbbySears8
*Flashback* "Larry?" Is that a thing of the past now the marriages and baby's?" Allan Carr said to Harry and Louis as the boys we're saying fair well to t...
Get Ready, Get Set, Please Dont Go? (A Niall Horan Fanfic) by ParisKissXx
Get Ready, Get Set, Please Dont A.
Niall and Emily are the perfect couple, been together for over a year with no problems. But when Emily finds out she has a brain tumer and only one month to to live, sh...