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The Dead Poets by ktsbooks
The Dead Poetsby Katie
The year is 1959, and for its very first time, Welton Academy Boarding School is now accepting female students. Violet Ross is not only one of those girls, but the only...
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Dead Poets Society Preferences + Imagines  by jexxawrites
Dead Poets Society Preferences + jexxawrites
Literally in love with Dead Poets Society. Just a little collection of preferences and imagines I've written and (finally) decided to publish. Feel free to send any req...
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Seize the Tuesday ✓ by justlyd
Seize the Tuesday ✓by @hennwick
•COMPLETE• Why seize the day . . . when you can seize the Tuesday? ✽ ✽ ✽ Teddy has no say in the matter. He has to seize the day, every Tuesday, at the community centr...
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The Bucket List (Write Affair Finalist) by Emiisotherside
The Bucket List (Write Affair Emily Ruben
Leah's old best friend that she hasn't seen for five years just moved in the house next to hers but she never expected Damon to tell her he only had about a year left to...
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Imagination by BomberJacknut
Imaginationby BomberJacknut
im·ag·i·na·tion /iˌmajəˈnāSH(ə)n/ noun the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. Otherwise k...
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  A Girl on the island? (Lord of the flies fanfiction) by Fanfic_mania3535
A Girl on the island? (Lord of SUCKS TO YOUR ASS-MAR
(CREDIT TO MY BFF VICTORIA FOR THE AMAZING COVER PHOTO) @SakuraNoir Jack's tribe are still looking for Ralph, since he's the only boy left, who wasn't in the choir. But...
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What comes next by ZachLucin
What comes nextby Zach Lucin
Max hates camp. David is determined to find out why but will it be too much for the young camp man be able to handle? When faced with a big decision and a whole new set...
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Série Os Albuquerques - LIVRO III ** LIVRO FICOU COMPLETO POR BASTANTE TEMPO, AGORA SÓ DEGUSTAÇÃO! Plágio é crime, seja criativo: reinvente :) Sinopse: Felipe Alb...
If I live forever, I can live now by seasidewhispers
If I live forever, I can live nowby Seaside Whispers
1st BOOK OF THE "FOREVER" SERIES. Tessa is a wishful and overly anxious medical student that hasn't been able to be herself since her best friend Nora died of...
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Today by ClauMer79
Todayby Claudia C. Merklinger
They say we all have two lives: the second starts the moment you realize you only have one. This is about that moment. 19/01/17: #1 in lessonslearned
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||Carpe Diem:Poems|| Wattys 2019 by theinsanelysane-
||Carpe Diem:Poems|| Wattys 2019by prakriti-
"When the sun sets low, The horizon glimmers. When your heart sets low, The pen in your hand shivers." -Prakriti
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Ningú escapa del temps...
Carpe Diem. by sarafederico01
Carpe Sara
she understood the only thing she wanted is to live as if she has no tomorrow. she lost her self at the time, in another city unknown, she tries to not make a mistake a...
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This Is Living by recklessandstuff
This Is Livingby recklessandstuff
"I've learned, there's more to life than dying." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harper's mom is dying. She...
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Imaginary Friends: Having them as an Adult by SupaGenkiLife
Imaginary Friends: Having them Supa Genki
Do you remember having imaginary friends as a kid? I don't. I don't remember having a need for them when I was growing up. However, now as an adult? Walking the lonely p...
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Expectations  by Soulbooks16
Expectations by SOULBOOKS
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Life is Short by _Xx_Moon_Child_xX_
Life is Shortby Out of Sound Mind
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