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the kennedy's daughter by finleyjane2314
the kennedy's daughterby 𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚕𝚎𝚢
When tragedy strikes the Kennedys, Jack is left to raise a slightly disabled little girl by himself. Follow the adventure that Kate and Jack call life😝 Enjoy!
Opening Up by Katieeeeee4
Opening Upby Kathleen
Jack and Jackie Kennedy are two very closed off people. Now that they are in the White House, the attention and stress only exacerbates their marriage troubles. Will the...
The Motions by kennedycrue
The Motionsby Morg
The death of her infant son has left Jackie Kennedy in a depressed and confused state. She's starting the question certain aspects about her life that she never did befo...
The Kennedy Life: Back to the Future by historynerd_
The Kennedy Life: Back to the Natalie
"What if you could change history?" Caroline Kennedy is only 18 years old when she, her brother, and some of her cousins, go back to 1962. They are sent by Sen...
Clint and Jackie: The Forgotten Love by historynerd_
Clint and Jackie: The Forgotten Natalie
This is an AU of what happened after Dallas. The events after Dallas are accurate, but Clint and Jackie continue to see each other after RFK's funeral. Also she doesn't...
1960: A Kennedy Story by InfinityBookwormXD
1960: A Kennedy Storyby human
The sequel to 1957: A Kennedy Story. Three years have passed since Caroline was born, now Jack Kennedy is campaigning for the most powerful office in the country and po...
The Prince of Camelot by Rory13
The Prince of Camelotby Rory G
Madelaine King meets John F. Kennedy JR.
Happy Birthday Caroline! by 1987jacknjackie
Happy Birthday Caroline!by The only routine with me is n...
What would happen if it was present day and John F. Kennedy was president. He of course has two children who are Caroline, who is turning 10 and John F. Kennedy Jr. who...
1956: A Kennedy Story by InfinityBookwormXD
1956: A Kennedy Storyby human
1956, Jack and Jackie are happily married, Jackie is pregnant, Jack doesn't cheat on her, everything is going fine... right? Sequel is up, called 1957: A Kennedy Story
John F. Kennedy: The End of Camelot by historynerd_
John F. Kennedy: The End of Camelotby Natalie
"What if everything you knew changed in the blink of an eye?" The Second Part in the John F. Kennedy Legends. Read part one first. John F. Kennedy and his fami...
Patrick's Story: Love in the Dark by historynerd_
Patrick's Story: Love in the Darkby Natalie
Read my Love in the Dark AU first or you'll be confused! This is just Patrick's Story on his life after he fled the country for a while. This ranges from him surviving t...
The Life Of Nancy Reagan by JHubbert101
The Life Of Nancy Reaganby Jocelynn H.
So.. in this I will be publishing some of what I write on instagram. Please note that these are all written within the point of view of Mrs.Reagan since I roleplay her...
SWITCH by finleyjane2314
SWITCHby 𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚕𝚎𝚢
When an unexpected switch is made life is turned upside down. How will the Kennedy's deal with this life shaking change to their family?