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I Can Make You Smile (David x Reader)// CAMP CAMP (Discontinued) by Smarshmallo
I Can Make You Smile (David x Smarsh
David approached the new counselor, (Y/N) with a welcoming smile. "Welcome to camp campbell!" He smiled. (Y/N) smiled nervously, giving a small wave to the ma...
[SEMI-HIATUS]Different... [Max X Male!Reader]  by Silver_Spectre
[SEMI-HIATUS]Different... [Max X ☁️ silver ☁️
(Y/N) (L/N) is just your typical depressed, anti-social, anorexic, 14 year old blob who gets sent to this run down camp against his own will. But little did he know that...
Camp Camp GC Fic by emisoverparty
Camp Camp GC Ficby mr. e
Everyone hates David for making a group chat that he gets kicked out of within 10 minutes. Hey everyone. If you hate Nerrison, Makki, Gwenvid, or Dadvid you won't like t...
The End Of Summer~Camp Camp Angst by Steamintaco3680
The End Of Summer~Camp Camp Angstby ezra is a loser🗣🗣
Probably Self-Loathing/Self-harm/suicidal thoughts and/or actions(I'm not sure yet) Child Neglect, Child Abuse...So TW cus this is some Angsty sheet! ;-; Dadvid is defin...
Camp Camp: Various! X Reader by GhostNeon
Camp Camp: Various! X Readerby GhostNeon
Always wanted to write some stories for Camp Camp so I thought I'd take a crack at making some! This'll be open to all and any requests you guys might have so don't be a...
camp camp headcanons✨ by watered-down-emo
camp camp headcanons✨by watered-down-emo
i'm just gonna put up different headcanons and probably a few one-shots cause i'm bored in quarantine and i like camp camp lol. enjoy!
Daniel X Reader Oneshots  by kodiaktheKlondikebar
Daniel X Reader Oneshots by kodiak
Daniel simps come get ya'lls juice 🧃🧃
A Tale Of Two Magicians by ZaraIsNotHere
A Tale Of Two Magiciansby Zara
"You hate the dark." "How would you know? You don't know anything about me." "After all those times you spent staring at me, Nerris, you never o...
Camp camp  by bluetheartist_
Camp camp by Bluetheartist_
Here I will talk about theories, character development, how significant each one is, ect. Join me on this adventure!
Camp Camp Confessions  by BabyIGuess
Camp Camp Confessions by Max/juju
Mine and others Camp Camp headcanons and confessions! DM your confessions and headcanons!
Camp Camp Ship Rp  by Delgaldo
Camp Camp Ship Rp by KittyCat
Choose your favorite ship to rp :3
Max The Hitman AU (Camp Camp) by Steamintaco3680
Max The Hitman AU (Camp Camp)by ezra is a loser🗣🗣
Honestly TRIGGER WARNING; Child abuse mention and suicidal thoughts, mentions of rape, graphic content, gore, detailed flash backs(Rape, Abuse, and neglect)...Don't take...
Camp Camp | Makki One-shots by Littlechirp-Stories
Camp Camp | Makki One-shotsby Littlechirp
Welcome to Littlechirp's book of Makki one-shots! Warnings: Cursing, mature scenes(?) ───── I do not own Camp Camp or the characters. All the characters and the Camp Cam...
And All is New by irregularhummus
And All is Newby irregularhummus
Just another dadvid fic. Max's parents didn't even give him a chance to say goodbye before they whisked him off. As soon as they get home, they pretend he doesn't exist...
PresMax Highschool AU by PhrogIsGay
PresMax Highschool AUby Gay frogs
This is my first story so constructive criticism is appreciated. Max Olvera moves to a new town to live with his adoptive parents, a new school, new friends, new romance...
Ask CampCampDirector!Skye by SkyeBlackout2
Ask CampCampDirector!Skyeby Skye Jennifer Blackout
(I know the cover isn't on topic, but I couldn't use a photo that I made.) Cover isn't mine, Ask Skye questions!
camp camp ig? by blablablahwhat
camp camp ig?by e
Max wakes up one day and realises that mr.Honey nuts is missing,when he leaves his tent to look for him he finds Neil,standing was three am. yall dont get...