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Unexpected | Calum Hood by SavSOS_
Unexpected | Calum Hoodby Sav
A night out. A conversation that led to more. Now their lives are forever intertwined and they must find a way to deal with the unexpected. Highest Rankings: 1 in Calum...
Wildflower- C.H. by wildflowercal02
Wildflower- c-dizzle-swizzle
A 5sos Calum fanfic "I hear you callin' out my name I love the sound, I love the taste and I can see it in your face you got a side you can't explain." 21-yea...
my owner - c.h. by honestlycake
my owner - Ana
Elena Matthews has an alcoholic mother that "sells" her to Calum Hood, a successful 20 year old. What will happen while she lives in the Hood residence?
Stop by 5secsmendes
Stopby A
"I just want it to stop" "Let me take care of that"
School Bus ➳ Michael Clifford by 5sosidk
School Bus ➳ Michael Cliffordby m
she sits with him on the school bus, yet they never talk to each other.
The Boyfriend Project || CTH by yachani
The Boyfriend Project || CTHby 땡
In which a picky girl swears there are no boys good enough to fall in love with. Est. June 28th 2018
Dude, We're Just Broskies || Cashton ✔ by kelliclashton
Dude, We're Just Broskies || kelliclashton
In which Ashton and Calum kiss, cuddle and look at each other naked. No homo though. chapters marked with a + in the title means it's a triggering chapter or has smut in...
Nudes / Calum Hood  by wastelovemgk
Nudes / Calum Hood by key
Snapchat: cthood opened your snapchat! Snapchat: cthood opened your snapchat! Snapchat: cthood replayed your snapchat! Snapchat: cthood took a screenshot of your snapch...
More Than A Teacher ↠ Ashton Irwin by fuckingplaidpants
More Than A Teacher ↠ Ashton Irwinby 𝐀𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐞
"Things could be so easy if you would just say something Ava." His hand holds out a 10 dollar note. I look up at him and just shake my head. "I can't.&qu...
Just Best Friends // Calum Hood by belugawhaleatl
Just Best Friends // Calum Hoodby belugawhaleatl
Alexandra and Calum have been best friends for a little over 5 years now. Calum plays bass in one of the worlds most popular bands. Alex works an average day job. Much t...
Dirty Little Secret // C.H. by Amadie
Dirty Little Secret // LastDream
"We can't tell anyone." She told him. "Luke would kill us." "Don't worry, babe." Calum smirked. "It'll be our dirty little secret.&quo...
ONE NIGHT STAND˚‧☆ // Calum hood  by lovely1406
ONE NIGHT STAND˚‧☆ // Calum hood by <3
Sarah and her friends decide to go clubbing one night and let's just say she kinda disappeared with a curly headed guy. But what happens when they meet again and realize...
My brothers bandmate. (5SOS) by fanficcrazy2601
My brothers bandmate. (5SOS)by Amelia
Ariana Irwin is of course Ashton Irwin's sister, he's very protective over her and he wants her to be safe. What will happen when she meets his friends?.
babysitter || daddykink (c.h.) by _kiwicalum
babysitter || daddykink (c.h.)by _kiwicalum
"well, the name's Calum and i'll be your babysitter for the next 8 months" "you've gotta be fucking kidding me", i chuckled. "watch your mouth...
lifesaver by 5secsmendes
lifesaverby A
"Do you like doing it?" "Do I have a choice?"
𝐁𝐎𝐘 𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃 [lrh] by namtna
𝐁𝐎𝐘 𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐃 [lrh]by 𝔪𝔢𝔯𝔩𝔦𝔫
"so we're just gonna keep a random fucking person in this chat now?" - or - in which that cliche fanfic thing happens and mary gets added to a group chat acci...
Flaws by seraph1cs
Flawsby ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
In which Calum Hood adopts a little girl, and his life is changed forever. --------------------------------------- "They left me again." She whispered through...
cliche - mashton by SGFGmashton
cliche - mashtonby rem •×•
a typical cliche love story between the bad boy and the innocent boy (except he's not so innocent) highest ranking: #18 in calumhood
ALL I NEED by GypsyDreamer4
ALL I NEEDby Sandy
"You're all I need, today, tomorrow and forever" A story in which a a boy with a bad reputation finds himself falling for a girl he never expected to need.
Michael Clifford's little girl by musicalturtle101
Michael Clifford's little girlby musicalturtle101
Michael Clifford (22) is a Daddy Dom and Alyssa Stevens (18)is his little girl who acts the age of 3