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Fall for you ϟ hoodings by acousticlukee
Fall for you ϟ hoodingsby 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐲
The little catch up, or I guess you could say party, ran pretty smoothly. Until they dared me. They dared me to kiss, someone I actually, deep down, had feelings for. An...
Afraid ϟ hoodings by acousticlukee
Afraid ϟ hoodingsby 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐲
It all started from a rumour. 'Calum is gay' they said. That mortifying rumour managed to spread throughout the whole school. Even though Calum protested against it, the...
Fucking Hiccups CAKE MPREG by DiveIntoCalum
Fucking Hiccups CAKE MPREGby DiveIntoCalum
You would think two grown men would know how to put on a condom, unfortunately in this universe the brilliant Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings could not. In the span of nine...
The Break-In // Mashton by maddezz
The Break-In // Mashtonby maddy ;-;
2:03 a.m. A harsh boom was heard, jolting Michael and Lei-Lei out of their sleep. Michaels heart beating fast at the unknown noise. He heard it again and was able to dis...
besties : cake {ongoing} by rapiddluke
besties : cake {ongoing}by lane hoe
calum and luke grow up over the years. {lowercase intended} - •fem!luke, stuttering!calum•
Our Story (CaKe) (Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner) by TheFantasyFactory
Our Story (CaKe) (Cara TFF
Follow the story of Kendall and Cara becoming a couple. Watch how they are forced to come out. Watch how they get into big trouble, will this be a happy ending ?
FRiENDly by calumshairdye
FRiENDlyby calumshairdye
" you're smiling a lot, what are you thinking about.?" "You.."
Close As Strangers ▹ Cake by letricious
Close As Strangers ▹ Cakeby Queen Leticia
"I tried calling you. Are you going to pick up your phone?" "How am I supposed to get over you if I answer your calls, Luke?" // © Copyright Leticia...
♧my bad boy:cake♧ by 5soscakejuice_
♧my bad boy:cake♧by cakejuice
Luke Hemmings, tall, handsome, popular at school. All the girls and guys drooling wanting Luke to have a piece of them. Maybe the fast ones, but not one in particular wo...
Skinny Love by Dead_Bxtch_
Skinny Loveby 💔Dead Princess💔
Jolby (Jake Webber x Colby Brock) This is a fluffy and smutty little fan fiction of Jake & Colby, I ship them hard core so I really hope you guys like this fanfic and I...
Him. by jhemmingsxx
#11 Jay❤︎✌︎☺︎
''Why am I feeling this way for someone who will never love me back" that's what goes across Calum's mind. Little does he know that Luke has a crush on him. What ha...
stay with me(cake) by AbigailNichole
stay with me(cake)by Abby
Luke Hemmings is a 17 year old junior, he's one of the most popular students at Lakefield High, he's on the Varsity Football Team, he can sing, and he has been dating th...
99 Cent Dreams// cake by totalhoodtrash
99 Cent Dreams// cakeby charli !!
"why do you smoke so much?" "i'm living the 99 cent dream, my friend." girly!luke dom!cal trans!mikey lowercase intended idea from mom aka: @1-800-JI...
Déjàvu by melon235
Déjàvuby melon235
Two strangers Alexa and marsh who at a slight touch just couldn't resist the pull of true loves charm, do everything to be able to see eachother again. When they do, the...
No Smoking by Greenbean0
No Smokingby Kaylea Alexander
"Stop blowing smoke in my face Murphy" "Not until you stop blowing your smoke in my face!" "Fine" "Fine"
Who Cares- Cake Fanfic by thatclifffordgirl
Who Cares- Cake Fanficby thatclifffordgirl
Calum has been bullied for years at school and his family is trying hard to pay rent. A new kid named Luke has came to his school, he was everything. Ups and downs form...
Flush - A 5sos Fanfic by CryptonJol8
Flush - A 5sos Fanficby CryptonJol8
You'd think this another one of your typical romance fanfictions, but what if I told you..that's it definitely is not. This time, only 2 of them actually know each other...