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Stuck in the Middle by jgirl113
Stuck in the Middleby jgirl113
Spencer Hazlett has spent his life in boarding schools. But as he starts his junior year of high school, he's also starting at a brand new school: The Arthur Hawking Aca...
Better Without You by AwkardAllor
Better Without Youby Literal Arson
Deku was in a happy poly relationship with Todoroki and Bakugo for three months... at least that's what he thought. He's been feeling more and more left out lately, a...
Rejected by my mates by jobarnett24
Rejected by my matesby Jo barnett
Arlo is the quiet runt of the pack. He has his family as the betas of the pack so was well protected when it came to his bullies. That is until he finds his mates early...
Spring Day | VMINKOOK     (completed) by fightmebighit_
Spring Day | VMINKOOK (complet...by ✨🌟✨
Taehyung, the rich mafia boss, buys the handsome stripper Jimin and also takes in his friend, the runaway orphan Jungkook. #9 in VMINKOOK ♥️ Taehyung↑ Jimin↓ Jungkook↓
A Decade of Goodbyes by Basilton-in-jeans
A Decade of Goodbyesby Levi
Taylor Edwards, brother of a famous group of guys. Abandoned by them for a decade. Only one person outside of his new 'family' of foster siblings and trained killers kn...
"Mistake"  by TaehyungsThicccbooty
"Mistake" by Mwahahaha😏
Kim Taehyung is hiding the fact that he is Jeon Jungkook and Park jimin's beta. what happens when they find out? Started - September 6th 2020 Ended - April 29th 2021
Among Royalty (On Hold) by 4feet4
Among Royalty (On Hold)by 4feet4
This is the story of a normal guy, Adrian, who gets thrown into the lives of two kings. Read more to find out about it! (I'll change the shitty description later im sor...
See Life In Focus [A. Cullen & J. Hale] by PocketKing3
See Life In Focus [A. Cullen & J...by PocketKing3
Axel Uley, 19, is a photographer that was born for the camera. He was in for a rude awakening when he was suddenly moved to Forks, Washington from Amarillo, Texas into a...
The Antichrist (The Eternal Series Book 2) by 5Anubis5
The Antichrist (The Eternal Series...by 5Anubis5
Jack isn't Human, but what he is no one knows. His mother died giving birth to him. He was raised in pack, though he isn't a wolf. He's powerful. He's feared. He's rejec...
No Thank You... (bxbxbxb) by chevvie
No Thank You... (bxbxbxb)by Keeks
*ORIGINAL COPY* Slut. Whore. Bitch. All these words are me. My name is Taylor Mace and my life is a mess. -Top Rankings- #1 in Werewolves 7.24.19 #1 in Mates 7.24.19 #...
☆Isekai Husbands!☆ by Mocchaaachi
☆Isekai Husbands!☆by Mocchaaachi
《Contains BL and mpreg (cuz author just want them to have babies! Don't judge!)》 Hikaru woke up and found out that he was transported into a fantasy world, Avalleon (woo...
Mates (BxBxB) by percussionismygame
Mates (BxBxB)by Call me Ryan
*I'm continuing this story for someone else. I have edited and republished, they have given me permission and it is mine and their original ideas!* Amae is a shy neko wi...
Dragon Lover | B X B X B X B by buttercuppoptop
Dragon Lover | B X B X B X Bby whitebay
He gained a crush on three dragon-shifters of three warring tribes and received the same feelings. Now he could be the key to bringing an end to an ancient war. Too bad...
The Showdown by mochi_cat02
The Showdownby mochi_cat02
~TodoBakuDeku Ship ~No quirk AU ~Gang AU ~Underground Fighting AU ⚠️Art and characters aren't mine but the book is//There are sensitive topics like violence, abuse, and...
The doll by hope1299
The dollby kk.slays
"One more time!" "Doll,you need to rest." "I need your dick up my ass!" Jungkook is living his wildest dream of being sex slave to his boyf...
Their Fae | B X B X B by buttercuppoptop
Their Fae | B X B X Bby whitebay
It started off with him catching them in the act, then with then involving him in the forbidden rendezvous. Who knew a Fae, an Incubus and a Dragon shifter could all sha...
The Life Game by Reality-Escapie
The Life Gameby Mackenzie
Maeve is breaking. Or maybe he was already shattered a long time ago. 6 years, alone in a hell-hole of a home. Abused by his monster of a father. He escaped but with no...
Tears and Smiles (Boyxboy) by Akam1233321
Tears and Smiles (Boyxboy)by Mahi🖤
Axel looked with tears in his eyes as he saw his ex-boyfriend walking hand in hand with his best friend. He never expected it to be this way. No not at all. All three o...
My Handsome Mates by ___Moka___
My Handsome Matesby Happy Summer
Finley Fire all I see is fire. "My pack!" I yell. No one could hear me. The rogues they killed everyone. Mom, Dad, Sophie (Big Sister), and Zackary (Little Bro...
The Inmate's Play Thing by MiloTheActualAngel
The Inmate's Play Thingby 🥀Milo🥀
Traded off from the most feared gang in the Georgia State Penitentiary to the brute newbie, Jackson Carter must get used to becoming the pet of Santiago Rodriguez. #70 i...