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A Waterbending Quirk by dragonfire-217
A Waterbending Quirkby dragonfire-217
A waterbender in a strange land. Katara had heard that statement before, but nothing could prepare her for what she got herself into. If only there was a place for her t...
How to be happy? Find the purpose of your life - a practical self-help book by how-to-be-happy
How to be happy? Find the purpose...by Dorian Bukowski
In this e-book you'll learn what to do in order to find the purpose of your life. Your own purpose - the purpose of Your own life. You'll realize that it is You and only...
L O V E - Poetry of the Greats by outbriefcandle54
L O V E - Poetry of the Greatsby outbriefcandle54
A collection of great love poetry, chosen in no particular order or reason except that it spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you too. *Disclaimer: these works are not my o...
Bukowski's Broken Family Band by awglen
Bukowski's Broken Family Bandby A.W. Glen
Editor's Pick Aug. 2020 and Jan. 2021. Paranormal horror-comedy with heart. Manic rock musician Jaymie Brzezinski claims to have been born at the moment of Charles Buko...
Bukowski's Beatnik Zombie Bride by awglen
Bukowski's Beatnik Zombie Brideby A.W. Glen
Holistic horror-comedy for the soul. Jaymie Brzezinski's small-time indie band are tangled up in a feud between a pack of crazed metalheads and an angsty goth-rock band...
Mulheres - Charles Bukowski by barreirosduda
Mulheres - Charles Bukowskiby Eduarda Lima
“Eu tinha cinquenta anos e há quatro não ia pra cama com nenhu­ma mulher.” Este é Henry Chinaski, Hank, escritor, alcoólatra, amante de música clássica, alter ego de Cha...
Yeah, always by webrokeourmirrors
Yeah, alwaysby Brokeourmirrors
xP So basically all the stuff I write just ends up in here if it's not written especially for any other album, book or story :) I hope you enjoy your read, maybe it can...
White pills #1 by AriannaPi
White pills #1by Arianna
ENG-ITA This is my first collection of poems, I'm not a writer, I just like to express myself in this way, hoping that someone will understand me and maybe even enjoy wh...
quotes by hELISH
quotesby hELLISH
collection of my favourite quotes (or more like charles bukowski compilation)
Roses || a tribute to my favorite poet by silent_love_song
Roses || a tribute to my favorite...by Gia Nina Morales
I once got an assignment - choose my favorite poem and explain why. I overthink like a champion. A pathetic one. So naturally, it got blown out of proportion, so I just...
Toca el Piano Borracho Como Un Instrumento de Percusión... by MacVoid
Toca el Piano Borracho Como Un Ins...by Mac Void
Toca el Piano Borracho Como Un Instrumento de Percusión Hasta Que Los Dedos Te Empiecen A Sangrar Un Poco ʺLo peor de todo es que algún tiempo después de mi muerte se me...
Little Thoughts by LittleBug6453
Little Thoughtsby LittleBug6453
A collection of my favorite poems by famous poets and unknown poets. Some poets who writing is included is Robert Frost and Charles Bukowski. And every once in a while...
Keep The Voices Down by E2Medina
Keep The Voices Downby Edgar Medina
10 more poems. Enjoy!
MY MOTHER by oluwanifemi1987
MY MOTHERby oluwanifemi1987
It all about how a mother had cared for her children
Something Happened on the Way to Reading Bukowski by DulceMenendez
Something Happened on the Way to R...by Didi Menendez
A poem I wrote at the turn of the Century and it got second placement in the IBPC.