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Sabotage (Bughead) by _beaconfalls
Sabotage (Bughead)by six.ft.undr
Betty is entering her Sophomore year and hopes to find some new friends. She gets more than she bargains for when she is partnered with a certain blue eyed delinquent fo...
A Bughead story by bugheadsstory
A Bughead storyby Bughead shipper
Is there one person for everyone? Someone who will love you unconditionally no matter what. The only person in this world who really gets you. Is there such a thing as m...
Letters From Another (Bughead) by Viviejune
Letters From Another (Bughead)by Vivian B
Betty and Jughead are happily married with a daughter, but what happens when Betty finds letters from another woman? Will they stay together? Will Betty be able to forgi...
♡Bughead oneshots♡ by riverdale_is_my_life
♡Bughead oneshots♡by riverdale_is_my_life
Just the bughead content we need in our lives
Bughead Oneshots by bugheadsstory
Bughead Oneshotsby Bughead shipper
- Romeo and Juliet? He asked pointing to the book in her hand. - Yeah, you've read it? She asked a little surprised. - Only a couple of times Betty had never really had...
I fell in love with a vampire [Bughead] by elizebethbb
I fell in love with a vampire [Bug...by makayla
Betty Cooper may look like your average 16 year old girl on the outside, but they secret she holds inside was so much deeper. Betty Cooper was a 16 year old girl... 500...
Walk In The Park - Raven Psych by Riverpsyched
Walk In The Park - Raven Psychby Raven Psych
"So.. I'm sorry if last night was too sudden. I know I probably shouldn't have kissed you so soon and-" Betty interrupted him by smashing her lips into his. On...
Gang Rivalry by mads_ash24
Gang Rivalryby Queen Mads
*ON HOLD* Betty Cooper is the Serpent Princess, and soon-to-be Queen. The Serpents are said to be a dangerous gang on the South Side of town. Her best friends are Toni T...
Jealousy is an issue darling  [bughead] by bugheader_forever
Jealousy is an issue darling [bug...by bugheader_forever
Jughead has joined the southside and has joined the SSS, when a new girl in his life comes in, Toni Topaz, Betty darkens.
Bughead Oneshots by dramionebughead2020
Bughead Oneshotsby dramionebughead2020
New oneshots book of Betty and Jughead off Riverdale aka my favorite ship ever!!!! updates will be very slow I'm sorry but... please enjoy!
On The Run - Raven Psych by Riverpsyched
On The Run - Raven Psychby Raven Psych
(STORY INCLUDES SMUT, READ WITH CAUTION) Betty and Jughead are on the run and away from home. While hiding out, they rely on each other to survive. What happens when the...
Accidental Serpent ° Bughead  by RiverdaleHooked
Accidental Serpent ° Bughead by RiverdaleHooked
«I wanna do something stupid.» «Like what?» «Become a serpent.» ON HOLD ____________________°_________________ Betty Cooper was Rive...
mini bughead stories by reverroom
mini bughead storiesby hannah
little bughead stories I made
Our Story - Sprousehart by JocelynCarisaa
Our Story - Sprousehartby Jocelyn✨
This book is about Cole and Lili's relationship. How they met, their ups and downs, and of course their love life.
Cooper & Jones | BUGHEAD  by chasingstarsallnight
Cooper & Jones | BUGHEAD by Laur
Spy fic. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones are Americas finest. The best agents on the field. It just sucks that they can't stand each other. Though that will change when...
"Might be something you'd enjoy." by Thebeastswithin
"Might be something you'd enjoy."by the beast within
my take on what happened before the bed scene in 2x22
Serpent Home by samsbughead
Serpent Homeby sam ✨bh fanfics
When Betty is kicked out of her own home, she has no where to go. Heartbroken, she realizes the only place she can go is the streets. One day, a boy named Jughead passes...
Temptation | A Bughead AU by beaniehart
Temptation | A Bughead AUby Beaniehart
Betty Cooper. A straight-A sophomore student at Riverdale High. She works alone at the Blue and Gold, the school's newspaper because she doesn't want anyone to know her...
𝔽𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣 by Fanfiction_writerrr
𝔽𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣by yup it's me
Betty didn't want to date anyone, she just wanted to focus on school and on her son. But then Jughead came along and before they realized it they were a family. But with...