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The BlackSwans by losinxtouch
The BlackSwansby 𝙺8
"You know what this means, don't you Y/N," he hummed, his hold tightening around your waist as his eyes pierced into yours. He smirked at your speechlessness...
RUN! - BTS GANG AU by swanqueenislife
RUN! - BTS GANG AUby Aquila
"Leave me alone!" She yelled boldly despite her voice shaking a little. "Sorry sweetheart, but you're far too precious and we have been searching for you...
The Black Cross | BTS GANG AU by swanqueenislife
The Black Cross | BTS GANG AUby Aquila
"Clary Edwards, I swear you never fail to impress me." He chuckled. In a way one would do so at a practical joke. Everyone was confused. Why hadn't he yelled a...
Arrogant asshole  by pinksoulheart
Arrogant asshole by pinksoulheart
"You're making me jealous Y/N you better stop before I punish you~" He purred. Park Jimin, upon first meeting him you see him for what he is. His true colours...
{h} the butterfly effect : bts gang au  by aquavirus
{h} the butterfly effect : bts :)
The butterfly effect is a theory in which a small occurrence can change the course of the world completely. I never thought something as small as being at the wrong plac...
Come back home - SEQUEL TO RUN - BTS GANG AU by swanqueenislife
Come back home - SEQUEL TO RUN - Aquila
This is the Sequel to Run. - On a perfectly average evening the announcement of unfortunate news completely ruptures the trust within BTS. However when G-Dragon declares...
RED by lil_meow007
REDby lil_meow007
Living a normal life was all she could think about.Contemplating her studies,getting a job that's it.But her whole life changed in one swift move. Will she survive in a...
Kiss From a Dragon by odd_nonsense
Kiss From a Dragonby Antisepticeyesgirl
( BTS MAFIA/GANG AU ) ( THANK YOU TO THE BEAUTIFUL @Xscapee FOR THE COVER ART! ) Moving in with your friend was supposed to be a new start. And it was. But not in the...
Loved (hiatus) by xiieru
Loved (hiatus)by Xiieru / chiieru
Jimin is a ballet dancer who used to work nights as a stripper. Upon meeting Namjoon, he agrees to quit being a stripper and instead moves into his house. With those con...
Blood Dragon-BTS Jungkook x Reader by Bowtie666
Blood Dragon-BTS Jungkook x Readerby Bowtie666
You didn't bother covering your tracks, tears were almost falling from your eyes. That's when your ears started to work. "(Y/N)!" "(Y/N)!? WHERE ARE YOU...
ACT OF LOVE by herguk
don't cry, darling. we say goodbye to say hello again. © herguk / kth x oc x jjk romance, ceo
Dragons Blood by Bowtie666
Dragons Bloodby Bowtie666
Seoul is known as the most beautiful city in South Korea, but there is only one thing distorting that image. ᎠᏒᎯᎶᎾᏁᏕ ᏰᏝᎾᎾᎠ The most feared gang in South Korea. It's lik...
Its Complicated AGUST D X READER by BangPinkVelvet7
Its Complicated AGUST D X READERby BangPinkVelvet7
This love is intoxicating, dangerous and it doesn't make any sense Alcohol, Drugs, Violence, Gangs, Angst, Fluff, Maybe Mature Content? ''You're so infuriating! Do yo...
Danger (BTSxReader) by kingkookie-24
Danger (BTSxReader)by - S
BTS x Reader Gang au "We are Bangtan. And we deliver justice." Choi Y/N, daughter of the richest man in Korea and heiress to his business, thought she was jus...
The Scenery (Kim's Seokjin's Sister) by zeusali14
The Scenery (Kim's Seokjin's Fluffy McFluff
Kim Seokjin's sister, Crystal, finally meets her gang brother after a long time of searching. She encounter something from her past that makes the two reconnect as sibli...
streets; bts!street racer au by xrkthi
streets; bts!street racer auby xrkthi
who knew street racing could be this complicated?
Coincidence by jung1shook
Coincidenceby jung1shook
▪Au where bts gets kidnapped along with a gangleader. "Our meeting was not a coincidence." - - - -[The cover page does not be...
♣ House of cards ♣ by EsmeraldaMahmic
♣ House of cards ♣by Esmeralda Mahmic
"You will see and hear things that will fuck You up" ⚠️Disclaimer⚠️ This contains -blood -violence -sex -prostitution -gambling -drug use -killing/murder
Beautiful [BTS Gang AU] by Cherranna
Beautiful [BTS Gang AU]by Cheryl
there was never a gang in greater need of a change. (English) BTS Gang AU *** in which a 21 year old girl, named Song Heejin, attracts a gang called BTS.