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We're Just Friends (Frank Iero) by lilyrose92
We're Just Friends (Frank Iero)by lilyrose92
Poppy Bryar is a 16 year old girl with a best friend, Frank. Their platonic relationship confuses everyone but each other, but things start to change for Frank when Popp...
GERARD WAY by bIackmarketmusic
an annoying photobook because i like to make myself cry looking at a 43-year-old's photos.
You Said We're Not Celebrities, We Spark and Fade (Mikey Way) by IfXEyesXCouldXSpeak
You Said We're Not Celebrities, Anna Wyldebrooke
Stella Jones thought moving from Trenton, New Jersey to Belleville wouldn't be fun. Hey, she was right. Or so she thought. I mean, who would like moving from a so-so tow...
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Never forget how beautiful you are (Gerard Way FF) by Daerith
Never forget how beautiful you Daerith
Rylee Stump was adopted when she was young. That fact made for her possible to meet her friends: Mikey, Frankie, Ray, Gerard and Bob. They go to the same high school...
MCR Quotes by CheyenneDeneice
MCR Quotesby The Master Commander
Just funny MCR quotes!! Rated PG-13 for cussing.
My Chemical Romance  one shots *requests open* ‹please request I have no ideas>  by Geesface
My Chemical Romance one shots * Mikey Way Loves Me
all in the title, also can you check out my other stories, that would be great *VERY slow updates*
We met in the Emergency Room by iwantohurtyou
We met in the Emergency Roomby Sarah
Elly is an extremely awkward, shy and over-emotional 15 year old girl (totally not based on me AT ALL.) What happens when she meets the total bad-ass Frank Iero? Anyway...
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In The Black Parade? But I'm Not Dead! by xXout-castXx
In The Black Parade? But I'm Not Misha Winchester
Harley Slaygle is an emotionally damaged 18 year old. She has been waiting for an excuse to die practically her entire life. One night during a thunderstorm, she is drag...
I Wont Give Up(sequel to Feel Alive) by ViolentToxin
I Wont Give Up(sequel to Feel Savannah Jenkins
First: Title Credit: I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz Second: This is the sequel to Feel Alive. Read that first. Third: Previously called: For Better Or Worse Shallan and F...
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Paramour Mansion by lucyolucy
Paramour Mansionby leoleoleo
We've always been the band to play with death and taunt it, but now death is teasing us. We've settled in L.A.'s infamous Paramour Mansion with a regretted past of nuns...
Killjoys For Life by StaticheatSummertime
Killjoys For Lifeby Steph Hall
What would you do if your life was turned from sweet and innocent to trusting your instincts? Well, fifteen year old T.J. Tyler never thought she would become some sort...
It's about a girl and a guy and they both die, no, wait (Frank Iero FF) by Daerith
It's about a girl and a guy and Daerith
Dr. Death found Juliet almost dead and took care of her until she was okay. After that, she met Mikey and Gerard, and when Ray and Frankie came back, they became best fr...
The Only Hope For Me Is You [My Chemical Romance] by Midnighteyes
The Only Hope For Me Is You [My DeeDee
Dana, former socialite outcast from her group of popular friends is having trouble at school. She's exiled because of the way she dresses and looks and feels all alone...
Home Sweet Home by crashcymbal01
Home Sweet Homeby crashcymbal01
What if the reason that Bree didn't like Scarlett was because she was jealous of how close she was with Skylar.
A surprise party...for me? You shouldn't have. {Gerard Way} by kennaroyale
A surprise party...for me? You Kenna <3
Ava Gray when you look at her is just your typical misunderstood teenager. A 'typical' teenager whose dad left her and her mom when she was 13 years old. She was devasta...
The Book Of Bob by BobBryarIsBae
The Book Of Bobby BobBryarIsBae
Clearly a huge Bob Bryar lover, I am often disappointed by the judgments made of one of MCR's most dedicated and misunderstood members. You don't have to be a fan of his...
The World Will Never Take My Heart [My Chemical Romance] by Midnighteyes
The World Will Never Take My DeeDee
Being told that you're mentally unstable is one thing. Being sent to a institute to live with people 'like you' is another. Gerard Way wasn't happy. He wasn't unstable...
Fanfiction Collection  by NoisilyLeftCat
Fanfiction Collection by Jessy
So basically it's a book where I collect all the fanfiction ideas I have. I will post all of them and you can vote for the one that sounds best in your opinion. And of...