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imagines♡ || b.m. by HooliganKeelei
imagines♡ || keelei jayde
a compilation of spontaneous bruno mars imagines i wrote on my spare time. i hope y'all enjoy them!
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Bruno Mars Imagines by rocky_mars
Bruno Mars Imaginesby rocky_mars
Here's some imagines of the best, the greatest, the outta this world... Bruno Mars and you!
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Bruno Mars Imagines  by brunomars_01
Bruno Mars Imagines by hoolie
okay guys, i've been a hooligan for the longest now and i've been reading stories on here for years but i've never rly had the courage to write one bc i didn't know if...
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Bruno Mars Imagines  by velalove
Bruno Mars Imagines by clarissa
Bruno mars imagines♡ Some sweet Some dramatic Some dirty Feel free to tell me if you want one ~ clarissa ~
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I Give Up (A Bruno Mars Imagine) by Married2BM
I Give Up (A Bruno Mars Imagine)by Tomiesha Brown
You and Bruno struggle to keep your relationship alive. But in order to do that Bruno has to confess something that's made him guilty for months.
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Bruno Mars Imagines by _hooligan4ever
Bruno Mars Imaginesby Inbar ♥
Just some One Shots I wrote :) some are dirty, some are not ;) I'm taking your requests guys! Don't be shy ;)
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