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my alphas by guccisisss
my alphasby ur good sis 😝🤚🏽
THIS BOOK HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED I looked down nervously. What did they want to talk about? "Stop looking away from me Natalia. Keep your eyes on mine." Erin g...
Double the trouble by Mysticle722
Double the troubleby Mya. R
Short story with a twist. Instead of just the popular jock falling for the quiet nerd, there are two guys that has had they're eye on the same girl but they're best frie...
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She's ours  by Dbunny99
She's ours by Dbunny99
A CEO named Marcus Stevenson has twin sons that are now 6 years old. Marcus notices Jason and Mason like to share their belongings. Marcus wants to find someone suitabl...
3 some  by chameleonvision99
3 some by Rekushisuhankokku
Having a 3 some between 3 friends. 1 girl and 2 guys.. can she handle having 2 dicks at once ? can she take all of that pleasure ?
Knot by Desreveremannep
Knotby Desrever Emannep
All about being the lack of options, the condition that forces us to do something extreme, wether we like it or not. Actually there is only very few situations, if there...
Alexander Brothers by chemicalromance8
Alexander Brothersby Chemical
Chloe's p.o.v. All I want to do is go to Caines and finish what we started. I walked into the pack house and smelt him in the living room but his scent changed a bit. M...
what mateS?? (boyxboyxgirl) by evaluna15
what mateS?? (boyxboyxgirl)by Eva N
"You're ours," they whispered in my ears simutaniously. I swallowed loudly in response. "But- but-" I tried to state. "No buts little mate,"...
The Dominants by TrinityQuartz
The Dominantsby TrinityQuartz
Haven Rose Has been dreading this day for a week. The day she meets her Daddy/Dominant. Thanks to her mother forcing her to take the Bdsm test to figure out where her da...
Three is never a crowd. by kcarnes91
Three is never a kcarnes91
Juicy threesome short stories. DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18. MATURE CONENT. READ AT YOUR WON RISK.
In Search of Love  {BoyxBoyxGirl} #Wattys2015 by MyLifeIsObsession
In Search of Love {BoyxBoyxGirl} MyLifeIsObsession
EDITING: I am currently rewriting this story, it will be a slow process, for quicker publishing comment and show this story some love. Cai Woods is almost nineteen and...
Love To The Third Power [Hamilton Elams Soulmate AU] [Discontinued] by HeavenLikeAngel
Love To The Third Power [ 𝖤𝗆𝖻𝖾𝗋
I write a lot of lams but I love elams too and wanted to write something with it. ITS A RELATIONSHIP WITH MY CINNAMON ROLLS OKAY I NEED IT!! Anyway, I have never seen...
An Alphas Equal [Girl!Louis/Styles Twins] by stasialee
An Alphas Equal [Girl!Louis/ stasia lee
Louis Tomlinson is the daughter of an alpha, and subsequently takes place as Luna when her mother passes away. She's strong, one of the strongest in the pack, and calls...
jikook x girl \oneshot smut by _heyilovebts___
jikook x girl \oneshot smutby Heyilovebts
smut with jikook and this woman named park hyunjae are in a relationship let's find out what's happening 🔞
Figuring It All Out by b1gs1mpenergy
Figuring It All Outby simp
Iida is jealous. Why? Why do they get each other but he doesn't? And why is he even jealous? He shouldn't be! He knows that but still... his chill stoner vibes and her b...
Deadly creatures series:Blood  prince*rewriting* by jenny_something
Deadly creatures series:Blood Jenny something
Ed struggles to refrain from blaming himself for the death of his mother and now his father too ,trying to find a balance between forgetting the past and living his pres...
Let's not fall in love | Bae Jinyoung | COMPLETED by weyobam
Let's not fall in love | Bae bamji
" what do you want hah? " " i want you " she grin a handsome, kind man name Bae Jinyoung fall in love with his childhood friend. Character : Male:...
TaeTzuKook Shot [BangTwice] by weyobam
TaeTzuKook Shot [BangTwice]by bamji
WAS RANK #1 ON TAETZUKOOK !!!! OMG ARMYONCES 😂 Description : This is TaeTzuKook story shot. The ending of the story either TaeTzu or Tzukook. Depends on the story. Main...
Try Mating With A Dumb Mate by TengokuNoHimeChan
Try Mating With A Dumb Mateby Lalaine
They are the masters, the alphas of this pack. Similar in appearance yet different in personalities. Their wolves spent 15 years tormenting them in finding their elusive...
This Isn't Magic  by KarEABooks
This Isn't Magic by Kar E A
(EDITED VERSION) When you don't believe in magic what do you do when you're sent to a school OF magic? Yeah, I don't know either. All I know is a lot of messed up stuff...