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Boyfriend To Death x Reader Oneshots🔪 by hecc-to-the-fricc
Boyfriend To Death x Reader 💖🔪
🔪Requests open!! 💖Smut, fluff, lemon 🔪No angst because I'm gay 💖Gore and NSFW 🔪Dark/heavy topics 💖Just here for the kicks🔪
[Boyfriend to Death] Lawrence x Gender Neutral!Reader by animeboyfetish
[Boyfriend to Death] Lawrence x send help
There's a new teacher in school, and to most, he seems a bit... off. Cryptic, easily excited when it came to the right subjects, and fairly antisocial despite his job. H...
Boyfriend to Death [Reader Insert] (Request Are Open) by Music-Death-Note
Boyfriend to Death [Reader Insert] Music-Death-Note
When my friend told me about this I immediately wanted to make a story of them, I am slow with request I'm sorry about that but I will get to it. Anyways I hope you enj...
"Imagine if..." Btd hah  by D3monixx
"Imagine if..." Btd hah by D3monixx
This is a boyfriend to death fan fiction! Please enjoy these, and please request some! :) #btd #boyfriendtodeath
[When Love Rots] by RaveSnail
[When Love Rots]by Rave.Snail
✨ Boyfriend to Death Oneshots! ✨ 💫 There Will Be Chapter Warnings! 💫 🌟 I Will Totally Be Taking Requests! Just Leave A Comment 🌟
🌿 Boyfriend To Death x Reader 🌿  by chillzzzz_
🌿 Boyfriend To Death x Reader 🌿 by 🖤
Decided to do this because their isn't much here on Wattpad
We met at a Bar - A Lucas and Strade story by TheVampyy
We met at a Bar - A Lucas and Fuck me Ren Hana
What happens when a mentally deranged German Canadian man, falls in love with some kid that goes to collage?? Find the fuck out.
Boyfriend To Death x readers (requests open!) by mask_the_dragon
Boyfriend To Death x readers ( Maskwriter
I dunno, I felt like it. Requests are open! But be a little specific with what you want. Yes there are Lemons
big bad wolf~ btd vincent  by frexxi-cloud
big bad wolf~ btd vincent by frexxicloud
hello! so this is a vincent x reader fan fic. THIS IS A SMUT. so please be warned! rough sex can be featured in this so please read at your own cost!
Boyfriend to Death fan stories by RhapsodyFire
Boyfriend to Death fan storiesby Ara💜
!!!18+ horror story!!! Random stories based in the Boyfriend to Death World. I do not own character ideas or pictures. Some parts of the story are taken from the game bu...
Boyfriend To Death x Reader by Kittyunknown
Boyfriend To Death x Readerby Kittyunknown
It came to me in a dream so don't hate too much I'm trying
✕ʙᴏʏꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ ᴏɴᴇꜱʜᴏᴛꜱ✕(requests open) by Saphiran0
✕ʙᴏʏꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅ ᴛᴏ ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ ᴏɴᴇꜱʜᴏᴛꜱ✕( Beetle
hello, my friend! Welcome to my BtD oneshots book! Here's a fair warning that this book contains graphic content, sexual themes, non con, heavy gore, murder, kidnapping...
[Boyfriend To Death: Lawrence Oleander] by ToriTamara
[Boyfriend To Death: Lawrence Ann Nicola
"I wasnt always like this...heh, what am I kidding? of course I was."
farz x reader (boyfriend to death) by frexxi-cloud
farz x reader (boyfriend to death)by frexxicloud
hello! so this is a farz x reader fan fic. honestly i came up with this all in my mind at like 6 am but i kinda like it! so here we go! (CUSS WARNING)
No happy Endings (strade X reader) by Derpynamia
No happy Endings (strade X reader)by Boba (Namia)
Boyfriend to death Strade gets his hands on you... What are you to do?
The Hunt by Aceofdiamondsdragons
The Huntby Nat Johns
Kitty is being hunted. All she can do it run. That is until she reaches a small cottage. The dangers are obvious, but she has no other choice but to go inside. Set in a...
How It Should've Gone by PaintDroplets
How It Should've Goneby PaintDroplets
This is for Josie u w u credit to am bird#9935 on discord for the cover
Strade gave you another hole! (BTD) Warning! Gore and rape  by SushiReads2000
Strade gave you another hole! ( SushiReads2000
Strade meets you at the bar and takes you into his basement and processed to.... well... you know.
[✝️] HOT MESS | admin  by -bluemagica
[✝️] HOT MESS | admin by lance | ✰ ˎˊ-
hi, i'm ashe, the admin of this disaster account.
Keep you (Strade x reader) by Stradefxcker
Keep you (Strade x reader)by Stradefxcker