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Extraordinary Mother by heenichild
Extraordinary Motherby heenichild
Irene Is a single mom raising her 4 kids are not that easy, her kids are not that ordinary ,her kids are very wise. There is this one who really love to dance, another o...
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Back to you/ Yes to you.... Surene by cotton_peache
Back to you/ Yes to you.... Sureneby cotton_peache
The story has drama and comedy. Don't skip a chapter because it will puzzle your mind about what's happening. It's a romantic story between suho and irene, kai and jenn...
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The Line Between You and Me by shishikimae
The Line Between You and Meby shishikimae
I strangely fell for someone who will never look at me, the way I look at him. How long will I be waiting until he will realize what I feel. It's heart-breaking to see h...
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Our Daughter by heenichild
Our Daughterby heenichild
Everything change the moment Bogum met a little girl at the backstage. "A story of a stylist and a solo singer who are great partners before but everything fell dow...
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philophobia.  by smoochues
philophobia. by ☁
❝ promise me, let's not fall for each other. ❞ ᴾᴴᴵᴸᴼᴾᴴᴼᴮᴵᴬ (n.) a fear of love, falling in love. ...
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SPRING DILEMMA by soulfreedesire
SPRING DILEMMAby soulfree desire
Love worth sacrifice if you are a public figure, but you can't control yourself from falling in love. That's a part of nature. Kim Junmyeon is not just a star but a supe...
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Beki In Luv by taequinox
Beki In Luvby 《mellifluous》
[NOTE: Under major revision kaya huwag muna babasahin.]
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Time Elapse (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) by pretty_rose
Time Elapse (Moonlight Drawn by Robie Rose Flores
Once upon a time, there was a prince named Lee Young that fell in love with a eunuch Sam Nom but who would have thought that the eunuch is a lady dressed as a man. They...
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"Do You Still Remember Me?"  BoRene FF by Naurakeisyana
"Do You Still Remember Me?" Naura Keisyana
Teman masa kecil adalah sesuatu yg tidak bisa kita lupakan. Apakah Bogum bisa mengingat Irene lagi?
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The Royal Secret by Discord_Jin
The Royal Secretby Shi
The Queen and King of Kingdom Shi or also known as Kingdom Yang On They bore a child named Shin. It came from their name Queen Ye Shin and King Hong Shin. Princess Shin...
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Narcissus : The Tainted One by mettatirtha
Narcissus : The Tainted Oneby mettatirtha
There are no people who were evil by birth, but as the time pass, people then changed. A quote stated, it's easier to learn bad things, and it might be true because most...
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LOVE within FIRE by bjh1994
LOVE within FIREby Baehun
This first story will be focus on main character's life not just love but also their family. "The grass is always greener on the other side" You will never kno...
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Goodbye My Love | kth × bjh by taetaeSHOOK
Goodbye My Love | kth × bjhby taetaeSHOOK
How should she keep him with her forever, when the world is just to cruel to them both to do so? × × × × × Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama Pairings: Joohyun and Taehyung (M...
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I FOUND LOVE by jjplavh
I FOUND LOVEby jjplavh
Irene only trust in Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, Yeri and Sungjae. But Bogum comes in her life in unexpected time. Would Irene trust him as much as she trusted her friends?
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My Angel by Parkjungyeon01
My Angelby Parkjungyeon01
My angel is a story about a beautiful highschool girl that become a famous idol of a famous girl group in Korea and even in the whole world. But before that we can also...
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The Handsome Truth - Vrene by jamlessjoelly
The Handsome Truth - Vreneby 이효리
A school idol roaming around his life, wondering where his place is between boundaries. Students from the school think he's just some typical cold cool-looking dude, but...
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In Your Memories  by 21_ashley_12
In Your Memories by 21_ashley_12
What happened when both of their lives intertwined. Park Bogum is one of the successful doctors in Korea and International.His parent's own multiple hospital and pharmac...
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