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Kingdom in The Sand by RenaFreefall
Kingdom in The Sandby Rena Freefall
Marie-Fey is married to a ghost. At least she might as well be for all she's seen of the man she married two years before. Far from home in a foreign land of endless san...
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THE DARKEST PART| 2019 by ellechanel
THE DARKEST PART| 2019by elle ™
❝girls of satin, girls made stone, girls in dresses made of bone.❞ a collection of tales from the darkest part of the forest. (11.5.19) all rights reserved ©2019
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One Thousand Furs & Other Tales by relevy
One Thousand Furs & Other Talesby R. E. Levy
Folklore is a canvas layered and layered by generations of paint. This project aims to add yet another fresh coat with YA LGBTQ+ retellings of stories such as: Allerleir...
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Something Wicked by JEHallows
Something Wickedby J. E. Hallows
"Blood will be spilt, and I will not mourn. I have tasted the toxic treasure they drank so greedily, and I have seen what it can do." Hearts devoured and maid...
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Princess Stories by AlexisStClement
Princess Storiesby Alexis St-Clement
An anthology of famous and less famous tales. These are my favourites.
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Dark Princesses [short dark fairytales] by Alatary
Dark Princesses [short dark Alatary Moon
To celebrate Halloween in all its spooky glory I present to you 3 wonderfully dark princesses, whose short stories are sure to make you shiver out of your glass slippers...
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The Bloody Key: A Bluebeard Retelling by ljthomas
The Bloody Key: A Bluebeard L.J. Thomas
[On Hold] Marriage and adventure had always been far from Anita's mind. That is until Barba Azul, a mysterious stranger with a frightening blue beard, arrives at her cot...
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My Dear Husband by PhieJacobs
My Dear Husbandby PhieJacobs
A retelling of the classical tale of Bluebeard.
Then Keep Me by SonyaLano
Then Keep Meby SonyaLano
He arrived in the middle of the night, banging on their door in the midst of a raging storm. "I'll take her," he said.
Three down one to go by HippoStyleWorkIt
Three down one to goby TripleHipposForLife
Come join us in this fun, loving, family friendly story of Bluebeard the modern version!!!!!!! Follow Francesca on her adventure of love and murder!!! :) I hope you lov...
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'Twas Brillig by chiralphenomena
'Twas Brilligby Lin Tarczynski
Poems from the public domain. Favorite pieces of our shared intellectual property. This land is your land, this land is my land.
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And I Thought Fairytales Didn't Exist. by muroby
And I Thought Fairytales Didn't muroby
This story begins in Tipperary, Ireland. in the begin of 1913 when there were already plans and weapons for the war that every one know would com. This story is about a...
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The Boy with Blue Hair by fairytale_writer_
The Boy with Blue Hairby fairytale_writer_
An original twist on the fairytale of Bluebeard written by Chloe Innes.
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Bluebeard's Wife by FandomReader14
Bluebeard's Wifeby Kayla
Grace Bisset is just a sixteen-year old girl that loves to read and escape her lowly, boring life. But when her father strikes a deal with her terrifying neighbor, she h...
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Bluebeard by cluless_paperclips
Bluebeardby Simon & B
Alternative ending i will add the cover and title later....
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My Own Bluebeard by AmelieHalkias
My Own Bluebeardby Amelie
Entry for HalloweenVault's day 12: A Lord's Dark Secret A spinning tale about branches from the French Fairy Tale, Bluebeard. I recommend getting to know that story befo...
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Witch of the Forest by Sayris_Iisa
Witch of the Forestby Sayris_Iisa
A re-telling of the fairy tale Bluebeard, written for a contemporary audience. A witch is travelling through the forest when the wind warns her of sinister happenings in...
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Bluebeard by Yoakas
Bluebeardby Yoakas
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