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The Other Side//Cheryl Blossom by musicalmartyr
The Other Side//Cheryl Blossomby musicalmartyr
To say that Hannah Lodge was a tortured soul was an understatement. The girl practically lived in her own world. How could show live in the real world when it sucked for...
Jughead Jones imagines by Willow_Moon22
Jughead Jones imaginesby Willow Moon
I want to write and finish a book but I'm way to lazy to actually write a whole story sooo here you go. Warning!: Some deep shit in this book: Abuse Rape Kidnap Read at...
Serpent Love|| Sweet Pea [1] by Juliaxwritess
Serpent Love|| Sweet Pea [1]by シ
"Whose that?" Veronica asked pointing to the girl in a leather Serpent Jacket. "That's Natalie. The Serpent Princess" Joaquin Answered. "She's...
His Antidote; s.p. by bonezzzzzz
His Antidote; <3
Charlotte Cooper, Betty Cooper's younger, innocent sister, returns to town after years of being away. No one but the Cooper family and a couple of close friends know wh...
Love lies by pradamadee
Love liesby
js read..💕
Return to Riverdale by WordStringer
Return to Riverdaleby WordStringer
You don't know who to trust, other than your family. But when they steer you away from what you want, sometimes you can only trust yourself.
Chaos -Sweet Pea- by Tori_vx
Chaos -Sweet Pea-by Tori
Ivy Jones was the daughter of a well known and well-respected member of the Serpents, George Jones. She was breathtakingly beautiful and dangerously intelligent. Unfortu...
Riverdale imagines & Gifs by kac_theoreo
Riverdale imagines & Gifsby KC
Imagines of Riverdale from tumbler accounts. Shout out to all the amazing timber authors who wrote these. I do not own these.
Southside (Jughead Jones) by CapA_2000
Southside (Jughead Jones)by CapA_2000
Zaniyah Wright, sister of Southside serpent Sweet Pea, best friends with Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones. Zaniyah had spent her entire life on the rough side of town. A...
collar full | riverdale by ethereaI-
collar full | riverdaleby ☛rylee
❝IF YOU'RE GONNA BE THE DEATH OF ME, THAT'S HOW I WANNA GO.❞ [ sweet pea x oc ] [ rated m for swearing, drinking, etc. ] highest rankings - #5 in southsideserpents #1...
All Things Riverdale! (Preferences, Zodiac Signs, Mini stories and More!) by chelsstar123
All Things Riverdale! ( chelsea :-)
Welcome to my All Things Riverdale book! Here, you will find; 🖤Zodiac Signs 🐍Preferences 🖤Make Your Version of A Riverdale Quote 🐍Mini Stories 🖤Imagines 🐍And More...
What's Love Got To Do With It? by falicewins
What's Love Got To Do With It?by nouk
The Black Hood is terrorizing the town of Riverdale and Sheriff Jones has no clue who it is. One day, Alice Smith walks into his office, determined to get to the bottom...
Polaroid // Reggie Mantle (2) by dabbing_magcon
Polaroid // Reggie Mantle (2)by dabbing_magcon
"When a picture comes out bad, it's not always the camera or the person taking the picture. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective and you'll have a whole new...
Saved By Reggie Mantle DISCONTINUED by Alyssia-Rose-
Saved By Reggie Mantle DISCONTINUEDby Alyssia-Rose-
Roselina Alexia 'Angel' Connor is the sister of Sweet Pea (Mathew Mason Jordan Connor) their parents are dead so the two siblings live alone. Sweet Pea is a serpent, Ale...
Sweet Pea of Mine {SweetPea/OC} by TheZombieMonster
Sweet Pea of Mine {SweetPea/OC}by Bridget Jochem
Misty Dae was moving the last of her boxes into her room to start setting up when a loud banging could be heard on her door, sighing she placed the box on the bed before...
Hard To Get // Sweet Pea by band-obsessed-nerd
Hard To Get // Sweet Peaby Me
Violet Clark was one hell of a mystery girl, so when she arrives in Riverdale with strange ties to Archie Andrews and FP Jones, its got the whole town wondering. Just wh...
Riley: A Riverdale FanFic  by pizza_pocket
Riley: A Riverdale FanFic by pizza_pocket
Note: this is my story. I used some devices from the plot of riverdale and some occurrences to create my own story. The events are not in order and they are not meant to...
the new girl | iMessage  by ttbloss
the new girl | iMessage by 🍒
☾cheryl , betty , veronica , and josie are new upcoming models . toni and jughead are popular mainstream photographers from instagram along with their friends who are cr...
Bughead's Serpent Princess by atrashyfanficwriter
Bughead's Serpent Princessby it’s just me
Betty and Jughead are hopelessly in love, but when a baby comes into the picture and all heck is thrown their way, how does Bughead handle the pressure? TRIGGER WARNING...
SWEET LIKE CANDY by angellban
After hearing about their fathers arrest, Aviana and Jughead move to Southside high. Whilst her brother is writing articles, Aviana feels right at home and meets a boy w...