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I Hate Your Existence by virat_arijit18
I Hate Your Existenceby Virjit1825
#1 in withoutyou #1 in noonelovesme #2 in mayaali #2 in ihateyou #3 in ahadrazamir Nafrat ki kahani, Viraaj or Myra ki zabaani.... "I hate u." He said in anger...
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Capture My Heart by MarieHiggins
Capture My Heartby Marie Higgins
Carefree billionaire, Thomas Powers, is slacking on his duties. He's living a wild lifestyle and letting the family winery business slip away from his priorities. It's n...
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Hooked | ONC2020 by Kaykay_is_vogue
Hooked | ONC2020by Iren KayKay ✪
❝We regret to inform you that you have been engaged. We wish you the best of luck with your new spouse.❞ A month after Cassidy had graduated from the University, she rec...
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His Ruthless Desire (Completed)✓ by AlizaJabri
His Ruthless Desire (Completed)✓by Aliza Jabri
Malik Taimur Jahan was destined to become the next ruler of Azmaayir. He was the most ruthless and charismatic man on Earth. A billionaire Prince with a business empire...
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The Billionaire Is My Saviour by scarletieyyyyy_01
The Billionaire Is My Saviourby Scarlet01
|| HIGHEST RANK - #3 IN NINETEEN ON 21/2/2020 || He made a vow - "I vow not to fall in love with my wife for as long as we shall live together." ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ &quo...
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Nikolai: Sniper's series: one by varshachindam
Nikolai: Sniper's series: oneby varshachindam
"If you want to understand love then open your heart, feel the love then you will know. If you see it from the body and brain you wouldn't understand" Nikolai...
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Love Is You (Destiny Series - Book 5) by Zxcvbnm1974
Love Is You (Destiny Series - Cheryl Johnson
EIghteen year old Claire Henderson always attracted unwanted attention due to her exquisitely gorgeous looks. So when her father arranged her marriage against her will...
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Code Black the Journey to Discovery  by SerenityArthur
Code Black the Journey to sade arthur
Nina a small town girl has her life torn upside down by the man she loves. This betrayal leads to a host of horrific events; now battling amnesia she is reborn. what wil...
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NEVER ENDING LOVE by Writerspot_
Bela and Mahir, their parents are family friends but Bela and Mahir don't know eachother much, they met in college. They hate eachother the very moment when they met, Th...
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Forced Marriage by randomgurlonline1818
Forced Marriageby randomgurlonline1818
Camila Cabello a nineteen year old, finding a job to earn money for her Mother's heart surgery. When her Father abondoned her and her Mother when she was just four she d...
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Dear Mister Billionaire... by NiaFlexin
Dear Mister Crystale Dowden
A local girl from town named Rose has a best friend name Charlie, and she decided to put Rose on a love app. When Charlie finds out a sexy mystery man wants to meet her...
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Two Of A Kind by saniya25shah
Two Of A Kindby S.Shah
The story is of two individuals Siddharth Saxena and Radhika Malhotra. She is a girl who is as achieved everything she's wanted in life, but just missing one thing. A li...
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Quirk of Fate [ ONC 2020 ] by hottiesoftie
Quirk of Fate [ ONC 2020 ]by Celia O’Brien
Everything happens unexpectedly in the life of Aalin, her job, her love life - everything. What happens when, surprisingly, she gets a chance to be a writer? She couldn'...
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Lost And Found 👰🏼🤴🏻 by Sonicallyjani
Lost And Found 👰🏼🤴🏻by AJ@2000♥♥:-)
"i told you na before gave chance now imagine if you don't then what will you imagine yourself after 10 yrs" asked Ryan "probably functional but dead ins...
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In Between Dusk and Dawn by ohmico
In Between Dusk and Dawnby ohmico
"Never get acquainted with the Valeriano's." Ayan ang pinaka-bibilin ng ina ni Lilith sa kanya, mula pagkabata hanggang mag kolehiyo ay ginawa ng magulang ni L...
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Exchanged by direydealova
Exchangedby Direity dealova
Story by : 🐰@direydealova (IG)🐰 Cover by : 🐰@ynm_k2 (IG)🐰 1 in #Gebetan 4 in #acak 7 in #cintamonyet "Saat-saat paling sulit ketika menyadari bahwa hati ini sud...
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"I don't think this is healthy," Kate whispers to his ear. she can practically feel his breathe of her skin and the butterflies flooding in her stomach and he...
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The Billion-Dollar Break-Up! by bonbonsandromance
The Billion-Dollar Break-Up!by Dalaina Renee
Ashton needed her as a wife to save his father's company. But Violet will not marry for money or contracts. She will only marry for love! That's just one thing Ashton ca...
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Hiraeth to serenity's journey  by kwb_minozxx
Hiraeth to serenity's journey by Hiraeth
People say distance make relationships more strong and make you realise the worth of it. It's true. But, have you ever experienced this distance from your loved ones...
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Erika Benson is a Hot, Stunning and Powerful Ceo from Seoul Korea. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Blake Kingston, a sexy, Gorgeous man with a passion for phot...
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