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I'm just looking out for you... (bildip) by nerdnerdnerdnerdy
I'm just looking out for you... ( nerdnerdnerdnerdy
Welcome back to gravity falls where normal is weird and weird is normal. The pines twins are now 19 years old and have both moved to gravity falls. Dipper, author of his...
Welcome Home (billdip fan fiction) by Lifeonlygetsworse
Welcome Home (billdip fan fiction)by Life only gets worse
"Why thank you pine tree, but no need to drool over me." Dipper soon realized who this was. "Bill..." Dipper's eyes narrowed. Bill sm...
All hail King Cipher (bildip) by nerdnerdnerdnerdy
All hail King Cipher (bildip)by nerdnerdnerdnerdy
Bill sees past stan and fords trick and is still willing to make the deal, with the expense that they will no longer be safe once they leave the fearamid. But what will...
Just...Leave Me Alone (High School Au) by PistolWolfInsane
Just...Leave Me Alone (High PistolWolfInsane
As Ford gets extremely sick, and Stan dies, he sends Dipper off to high school. As Dipper struggles to get through Gravity falls high school he finds himself slipping in...
That boy, he's a monster by billcipher_lover125
That boy, he's a monsterby billcipher_lover125
Sorry if this is not the best, this is my first story. 7 years after their adventures in gravity falls, Dipper and Mabel come back to visit their grunkle and friends. B...
Finding him by Mitzi_baby
Finding himby Willow
After being abused because of his sexuality since he was thirteen as soon as he turned eighteen he packed up his stuff with his sister and moved to the place where he ha...
An unexpected turn of events. by skybird45
An unexpected turn of Skylar
This story is about Dipper pines and Bill cipher. They would seem to be enemies in the show, until you see what they do in their free time. The person who helped me crea...
Captured ((Old Book)) by one_eyed_dorito
Captured ((Old Book))by One.eyed._dorito
(Warning: mature includes, strong language, kidnapping, boyxboy, and smut) yay!!!!
Trust Issues (Bildip) by Riverhusky
Trust Issues (Bildip)by River
Dipper and Mabel haven't been to gravity falls in 5 years. With Ford and Stan off on there adventures, there was no home for them there anymore. Nobody outside of the to...
The Pine Tree & The Triangle (A Billdip/Bipper Story) by Abigail_Agreste
The Pine Tree & The Triangle (A Why_is_Life
Another summer in Gravity Falls after 3 years. The twins were 16 years old. Dipper was still obessesed with the mysteries of Gravity Falls. Mabel was still crazily obess...
Happy | BillDip by Into_The_Dark_Light
Happy | BillDipby Steen
Disclaimer: Bill is human and there wont really be anything supernatural. Dipper hates his parents, for good reasons too. Despite not seeing them in years his anger and...
I'm Not Crazy!(Billdip)~ by Natsuisbae63
I'm Not Crazy!(Billdip)~by TheBangMaster™
Dipper had recently came out to his parents about being gay. His mom's fine with it,but his dad HATES it. He and Mabel go Gravity Falls and some unexpected things happen...
The Way  to Love Your Enemy (Bill Cipher x Dipper Pines) Discontinue by arronisbae
The Way to Love Your Enemy ( Shishi💕
This is my first story if you don't like it it's fine but don't say it in front of my face
A collection of Billdip by PsychoFangirlFeels
A collection of Billdipby PsychoFangirl
Billdip one shots that I wrote and wanted to share with fellow Gravity Falls fans! Hope you enjoy it!
Love you no matter what. (Billdip highschool AU) by nerdnerdnerdnerdy
Love you no matter what. ( nerdnerdnerdnerdy
Bill is new at school with his two other, triplet brothers Kill and Will and his older brother, Tad. On the first day he immediately notices a brunette boy who's clearly...
Gravity falls book of incorrect quotes  by BillCipherFan32
Gravity falls book of incorrect BillCipherFan32
The title says it all, there will probably be some ships in here just because. So Ye!
Bildip by BillCipher1_1225
Bildipby BillCipher1_1225
Dipper and Mabel make there was back to gravity falls at the age of 18 but somthing catches dippers eye...
Pines and Triangles Monster Falls by DippingSuace
Pines and Triangles Monster Fallsby TearDropCipher
Dipper woke up hungry in the morning so he went off to pick apples at berrys for breakfast but the apple he picked was a bad one.
Atleast I'm trying, Pine-tree. by ThatoneSEXYPOTATO
Atleast I'm trying, Mildred V. M.
Bill got turned himself into a human. Seven years later, after the whole Wierdmeggedin, Bill was back, still causing trouble and deals. That is until he messed With the...
a games they'l never forget by V_The_Demon
a games they'l never forgetby V_The_Demon
Bill is diatruct 1 tribute and was just called to be a tribute in the new hungergames. He is a ruthles insane killer without any sense of emotion or so he acts to be...