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My Step-brother smut-JB by Oxygen_Vanity
My Step-brother smut-JBby Vanity♡
Aleah lives with her single mother and her two other siblings Mike and Liv. Their mom got remarried to a guy name Jeff but Jeff also has a son name Justin. Justin doesn'...
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The Boy Next Door by writtenbykara
The Boy Next Doorby k a r a
Brooklynn Thomson, is a teenage girl from the big city known as New York. When Brooke's parents are gone a little too long on a business trip, her Aunt and Uncle force...
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Justin Bieber imagines COMPLETE by Softhholland
Justin Bieber imagines COMPLETEby ✺✼
Requests open (?) Cover by "AdmiredJustin
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Daddy's Princess by avocadies
Daddy's Princessby avocadies
Justin Bieber protecting Ellie from an abusive Daddy Dom is nothing compared to the other challenges they face. Jason McCann (Justin's brother) is the most wanted crimi...
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Messaging by writtenbykara
Messagingby k a r a
Could a girls world completely change because of the misdial of one single number?
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Merciless by Katherine-Jesse
Mercilessby FallenFatality
Karoline Jenner, the oldest of the Jenner sisters. While she didn't love the spotlight she loved to sing and boy, was she good at it. She got signed under Scooter Braun...
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Nothing like us (sequel to abusive love) by HaleyStewart
Nothing like us (sequel to Haley Stewart
Sequel to abusive love so guys there back in better then ever but what happens when Justin goes out with his guy friends in gets drunk in high in comes back? will he bre...
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"L-LET ME GO!" Isabella cried out. Her breathing began to diminish. "I can't do that angel. I love you." Jason told her. His eyes darkened. He forc...
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My Best Friend's Roommate: (Justin Bieber Fan Fic) by kxngjustin
My Best Friend's Roommate: ( 1 800 THOTLINE BLING
Dana Mendes is an 18 year old student at the California College for Music where she majors in vocal music. She swore she'd be the best singer in her class, which she was...
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McCann's |Jason McCann| by ayebieber_
McCann's |Jason McCann|by ayebieber_
Jason McCann ( • Possessive • ) adj: [demanding someone's total attention and love] And Bridget Satterlee ( • Fear • ) noun: [an unpleasant emotion caused by the threa...
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🍒🌺NATSANE SHI🌺🍒 by asmasanee
🍒🌺NATSANE SHI🌺🍒by asma'u sani
Dan iska ne Tantiri ne ,mawaki ne da yayi fice afadin duniya,yana karatu a abroad,dan iska ne na karshe amma yasan da wa yake iskancin nasa,baya son hayani miskiline na...
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My Brother's Friend (Complete)JB by Oxygen_Vanity
My Brother's Friend (Complete)JBby Vanity♡
Since Kindergarten Andre (Dre) and Corey has been best friends but Andre just figures out about Corey's sister Justice. And falls in love with her and does anything to g...
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Fall by diorbaby
Fallby diorbaby
Justin's career needs some saving. He needs a new image. The bad boy phase isn't doing him any good. Isabella Taylor the free spirited model might be just what Justin ne...
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Meet&Greet • J.B  by sofxfandoms
Meet&Greet • J.B by sofxfandoms
Y/n is just like any other teenage girl. But one day she got two VIP tickets with meet & greet to Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour. When y/n and her best friend got to the c...
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The Heart Mender by emmaluvsjb
The Heart Menderby emmaluvsjb
His Heart Would Break A Thousand Times... Until Her... His Heart Mender. This Story Has Been Told Throughout Lifetimes. This Is Just Their Version.
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Be Mine. | Justin Bieber by iamnotlois
Be Mine. | Justin Bieberby L ❤️
Julie Marie Gray and her mom moved to Beverly Hills to start a new life after what happened in their past. Julie visits the BHHS and finds new friends including Justin...
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Pídeme lo que quieras (Adaptada) by JaviHerrera6
Pídeme lo que quieras (Adaptada)by Javiera
Tras la muerte de su padre, Justin Bieber, un prestigioso empresario alemán, decide viajar a España para supervisar las delegaciones de la empresa Müller. En la oficina...
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Purpose by batmanwife13
Purposeby batmanwife13
An Original Justin Bieber x Reader. Y/N has been dreaming of meeting her dream guy her whole life. Well, that guy may just be Justin Bieber himself. As life goes on, Y...
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Addictive Love • jb (Under Editing) by befourzjm
Addictive Love • jb (Under Editing)by p
(currently under editing, safe to read just making a few simple changes) When Jenna moore moves to new york with her brother to pursue her career as a doctor she never...
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