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Love Me Back by bllack_goddess
Love Me Backby She-ra
Deja likes a guy with a weird name. She saw him for the first time at orientation. Smokey hazel eyes. Crooked smile. Dimpled cheeks. She thought she'd never see him agai...
 The Ultimate Combination With a Little Twist (Bwwm) ✓ by whatswrongwithyuh
The Ultimate Combination With a whatswrongwithyuh
"So what do you want to do" I said looking around nervously. "I don't know, you " he said as he tugged me up landing me in his lap , I let out a slig...
A Wanted Submissive by days_with_rein
A Wanted Submissiveby days_with_rein
Synopsis Orian was a girl who fell for the wrong boy and had her entire life turned upside down as a result. This is a dark and twisted story with twists and turns one w...
Yes, No, Maybe by Yas202m
Yes, No, Maybeby Yasmine
A nurse is working one night when she is met with a bunch of men invading her work space coming straight to her read to find out what they made her do
My Brother's Best Friend by sincerelyjayy
My Brother's Best Friendby Jada Jones
Everyone knows the golden rule when it comes to siblings: don't date your sibling's best friend. Rankings: #468 in high school (4-3-23) #424 in teenlove (6-10-20) #1 in...
Book 1: Ghost of the south  by storyyeller123
Book 1: Ghost of the south by Stories
Highest rank: #1 in bgwb #1 in affair #1 in scandal #2 in horror #1 in segregation #2 in blackgirl #6 in south #40 in ghost The men chuckled and slammed there drinks...
BABYGIRL//Bwwm//ON HOLD by shecute06
BABYGIRL//Bwwm//ON HOLDby shecute06
I am one of those girls who is friends with guys and is the only girl in their friend group.
When We Sleep by Melanin_Yanka
When We Sleepby Wattpad Hottie
If there's one thing the universe loves, it's irony. And we get to see just how ironic it is when Kiara Washington so happens to transfer to the same college as her ex...
Sweetener by -kalopsia-
Sweetenerby -kalopsia-
Drew remembered the little girl who befriended him when no one else would. He remembered her long braids and her cocoa butter scent. And when he found her again, he swor...
The Idol Librarian ♍ K.NJ  by Enkai_Umino
The Idol Librarian ♍ K.NJ by Enkai Umino-Hatake
"You need help with that?" "Oh, yes please," "Feel free to call me if you need with the high shelves, my name is Min-Su," - When Namjoon...
Justin Bieber Interracial Preferences by BiebersMikayla
Justin Bieber Interracial Mikayla
Dedicated to the many beliebers of color! Always open for request, comment or inbox me. Highest Ranking: #200 in Fanfiction Thanks to all that have read! Hope you enjoy...
DUSK by RaeWhite
DUSKby Rae White
Ibis Brice isn't a normal girl. In fact, she's not a girl at all, but a century old vampire. When Ibis and her guardian, Tess move to the quiet New Mexico town of Shad...
𝗚𝗘𝗧𝗔𝗪𝗔𝗬 || by blvssm
𝗚𝗘𝗧𝗔𝗪𝗔𝗬 ||by blvssm
Recovering from a tragic accident, Aspen Preston is barely floating over the surface. The remains of her father's death haunt her while she tries to avoid the end of her...
The Black Cinderella by imziamandnarryasf
The Black Cinderellaby imziamandnarryasf
"Your black ain't beautiful", at least that's what her stepmother tells her. "If you're not a twig, you're not beautiful either", her stepsister Agat...
𝐌𝐲 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐎𝐟 𝐁𝐨𝐲![On Hold] by mehwhateverlol
𝐌𝐲 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐎𝐟 𝐁𝐨𝐲![On Hold]by ✯ Brent's Girl :) ✯
I went to the bathroom to freshen myself up when I realized what panties I was wearing. "Juicy, really Cass!" I heard Sam whisper . "Shut up before Finn h...
Maya's Journey  by baby15g
Maya's Journey by baby15g
Maya always wanted somebody to Love her
𝓜𝓘𝓝𝓔 #texttospeech by hoodahhtrapgirl
𝓜𝓘𝓝𝓔 #texttospeechby ⭐️Aquarius’s SLUT⭐️
Sequel to cold dangerous love from It's about Rome raising his daughter Jariyani as a parent what happened when he decide to hire a nanny. Texttospeech
R O Y A L  T H U G . (Not Editing) by gypsli
R O Y A L T H U G . (Not Editing)by gypsli
Malachi Clark Has a secret that no one knows. He's trying his best to keep it in. Until he falls in love with Aliyah. His class mate, maybe his soulmate? Bad things wil...
bittersweet.|interracial∞ [completed] by imperfect_spiral
bittersweet.|interracial∞ [ 🖤king fäteē.🖤
How could my worst enemy be the love of my life? ----- This is the story of a very dysfunctional couple. There will be abuse, slight inappropriate language, and sad mome...
Part 2 Curvy Black girls and White boys  by makemebooks
Part 2 Curvy Black girls and makemebooks
the first book was good and shocking and the second books it going to be even better