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Loving her by Mandalev19
Loving herby Amelia Levi
Olivia is an overly-heavy college freshman. With a dorm room and a new school awaiting, she's excited to press re-start on her life. But nothing seems to be going as pla...
I'M KARA DANVERS by xthecrazyfangirlxo
Supergirl. She was brave, selfless, kind, beautiful, and more powerful than any human could ever dream of being. Lena Luthor had always had a weakness for powerful women...
MEMES by she_is_music
This book contains the best memes of all you can find! I repost pics from mostly Instagram accounts so message me if you want to know them ^^ Btw the perfect cover is fr...
Inspirational Stories & Essays (Part 1) by scribblerbibliophile
Inspirational Stories & Essays ( Yuchae Moon
These things aren't mine, credits to all the writers who wrote these wonderful and awesome writings. I found them on the web and would like to share them to you. These s...
A Royal Story by Cephxx
A Royal Storyby MarieBoo
Ella Diana Porter, 19 years old young woman who's born in England but her parents moved to France, is soon going back in England to one of the most prestigious Universit...
Glo Up Guide✨💦💕💪 by BraveAndBrown
Glo Up Guide✨💦💕💪by BraveAndBrown
Love. Grow. Glow. The book to help you grow up into beauttiiiiiifuuuuuuuullllll and confident chick who knows her ish. This is a self care book to help you feel absolute...
She was always different from the other girls she talk to Kevin for gods sake!?! ____ Hi this is a story of how Kevin slowly fell insane and lost it These are not my ch...
Fat People Problems by sleepybadboi
Fat People Problemsby A
I am not hating on fat people, just saying the problems they have to face because some stupid people. ---------
unloved by shivivivi
unlovedby 3:04
'because no words can ever be enough.' part two to unsaid. completed.
NAOMI by it_NaomzCiza
NAOMIby it_Naomz Ciza
Ways to Seduce Secretly by ExpensivePen
Ways to Seduce Secretlyby Jaiz Tapa
If you want to understand how to seduce a man, especially if he's not yours, here's my tips. It's subtle, devilishly innocent and he can never ever blame you for seducin...
Beautiful Just The Way You Are by marvelgirlfan
Beautiful Just The Way You Areby marvelgirlfan
Blossom and Brick been firends since, they were in kindergarten. Blossom was an easy target for be mai8ng fun of. She pertend it didn't madder to her, but brick knows it...
Your Mental Health Matters by PositivumQuestae
Your Mental Health Mattersby ᴮᵉˡˡᵃ ପଓ・゚
In today's word everyone needs a spoonful of positivity and happiness for surviving. This book is written for this purpose only. TO BE NOTE: ••••••••••••••••• Everything...
Francine & Earl by as_uwish
Francine & Earlby #FreeYourBody R
In which a masculine girl and a feminine man attempt to escape their stereotypes.
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The Lovely Lady of Truth by chdjsjwbshjsks
The Lovely Lady of Truthby chdjsjwbshjsks
The lady has been cursed since the beginning of time. She will remain cursed until all of her soul belongs to the king of the underworld unless the one she loves recipro...
Deserted by _siyaaa_
Desertedby _siyaaa_
Hi! This is a collection of all my poems purely based on experiences, understanding and thoughts. I love to read and write and hope that you can relate to these and iden...
¤Fake Friend¤  •Pjm•  by Taehyung_Enthusiast
¤Fake Friend¤ •Pjm• by °Taesthetic°
Jm:"she's just my fake friend" That word crushed my heart into pieces leading me to not trust anyone anymore ●Read to see what happends● Started:March 9, 2018 ...
I Dreamt Of Heaven [COMPLETED] by penscanwrite
I Dreamt Of Heaven [COMPLETED]by ST. CLAIR
She was his world; he was her everything. But it was just before midnight that everything has finally come to an end. And it was too painful to realize how beautiful it...
Nice To Have A Friend by Bright-Shine
Nice To Have A Friendby Fire Breath
Abigail Lofty is just a normal teenage girl with crazy friends. When she's not hanging with one of her girl friends, she's with her best friend, Owen. Owen is just as cr...
Lé Wits. by deelasoul
Lé your favorite goof.
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