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Their little Luna by kaystewart99
Their little Lunaby 👑kay👑
"I am a King May!" "And I am a Queen Bradley! Does that mean so little to you?" I gasped, holding back the tears. He raised an eyebrow and began movi...
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Intertwining Fates by AngelEyesDevilSmiles
Intertwining Fatesby Beautiful Eyes
"The Alpha has decreed that rogues shall live on our Territory. But I say that if that's the case, we make their l...
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The Alpha's Beta by fox-girl74
The Alpha's Betaby fox-girl74
Ashton is the next Alpha of the Lupes Pack, and wants his mate to be his crush, Edwin. The moon Goddess has other plans though and Ashton ends up mated to his best frien...
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S A R A N G  by happypositivibes
S A R A N G by Happypositivibes
~read~ Aurelia Coty, Edwin Horace Ignatius, Theodore Pierre and Vince.
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The Edge of The Hollows by TheCGT
The Edge of The Hollowsby TheCGT
Catalina is a Halfling. In the world of wolves, that means she was the runt of the litter. The weakest of the weak. Unable to shift due to her pixie blood and uncanning...
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The Betas Human Princess by Alex_Elizabeth_Tilbs
The Betas Human Princessby Alex Elizabeth
Melody was your normal 15 year old in England. She was about to turn 16 her and her friends had planed her little get together, that was until she had to move to the USA...
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Beta | Alpha Book 1.1 (Spinoff) by xxFatherOfLukexx
Beta | Alpha Book 1.1 (Spinoff)by Luke
The original series doesn't have to be read to understand this story,but this character is introduced in Book 1. * * * Archer Lennox is looking for his mate. What will h...
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The Malicious Alpha by RizzyLush
The Malicious Alphaby Riz™️
"ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟɪᴄᴀᴛᴇᴅ, ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴀʀᴇ."
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Life's back to bite me in the ass by momentstoshare
Life's back to bite me in the assby Destiny
*** Abigail, otherwise known as Abby, is just a normal teenage girl. Well.. besides the whole werewolf thing. What will she do when her whole world is turned upside down...
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Twin Brother's Mate? [Twincest] by RizzyLush
Twin Brother's Mate? [Twincest]by Riz™️
Highest Ranking #1 in Betamate Highest Ranking #2 in Betamate Highest Ranking #15 in Supernatural ____ [Season 1 of The Fairy Moon Series.] "Were twin brothers. We...
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Chasing Reese | o.m.s (M-PREG) by RizzyLush
Chasing Reese | o.m.s (M-PREG)by Riz™️
{Book 1 of the Onyx Moon Series} Reese Xavier Geller is a 17 year old and also a human. His parents treat him like absolute trash because several years ago he came out t...
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A Charlie Foxtrot  by pack97
A Charlie Foxtrot by Addis
"I'll be leaving for five days," Gideon says from across the room. "I expect you packed up and ready to leave by the time I get here. You are to come stay...
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The Chase by DisneyPrincessA
The Chaseby DisneyPrincessA
*previously known as "were" love dwells In a world where werewolves have human mates, and where supernatural beings roam there city and towns. Terrified of wh...
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His Domestic Wolf by Noizez
His Domestic Wolfby Noizez
Twenty five years, twenty five years Noah has waited for his mate. In the beginning with all the responsibility of caring for his pack and his alpha he was easily busy a...
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EMPIRE by Captain_Lebanon
EMPIREby Shanelle
{Previously "Resisting The Alpha"} {Under Construction/Being Rewritten} Accalia Prospero is a respected Beta renowned for her extraordinary Warrior leadership...
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Hazel by whitxwitxh
Hazelby White Witch
Alpha Henry Human Mate Hazel was a final year student and working part-time as a teacher assistant at a tuition center. One day, after finished the class there's a group...
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Out Of Mind (Slow Updates)  by Really1968
Out Of Mind (Slow Updates) by Really1968
Haley Anderson is a werewolf but hates the werewolf life. *gasp* What will happen once she finds her mate? Even worse an Alpha mate?!
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Double Affection  by RizzyLush
Double Affection by Riz™️
Book One in the Shimmering Moon Series Will and Brayden Winchester are the future Alphas to the Shimmering Moon Pack. They are the most popular guys in Rockwell High. B...
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Beta Mate by Taylorbeeman_10
Beta Mateby Taylorbeeman_10
Crash never wanted a mate, but the Moon Goddess had different plans.
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LOST by JustAnotherRogue
LOSTby JustAnotherRogue
After meeting a strange female who seems to know nothing about herself or anything around her, Cobalt's uneventful life is turned upside down. Soon after meeting her, he...
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