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The House of the Nells by lazfandomfreak
The House of the Nellsby
i give full credit to bendy_thebunny and his story the nells. the cover is by bendythebunny
The MisAdventures of the Nells by Blueberry_Sundae2115
The MisAdventures of the Nellsby Blueberry_Sundae2115
This was inspired by a Barbie series I used to watch. I changed some things so the one shots are realistic to the canon story.
.+R3PETIONS+.(In a nutshell) by Sl33pyasfvck
.+R3PETIONS+.(In a nutshell)by Sleepy
*...I Decided To Make This Just Incase I Forgot How It Goes...* ․·Another Reason On Why I Made This Is Cause Bendy_the_bunny(The Author Of The Book)Deleted The Book Cuz...
AUs || The Nells || by kimorahsmith679
AUs || The Nells ||by Kimmie Phantastic
This is a book of The Nells AUs
The Nells: Songs For The Nells by kimorahsmith679
The Nells: Songs For The Nellsby Kimmie Phantastic
This is a book of The Nells. The songs that (I think) describe/or fit for The Nells. This is a fan made book.
My Art Book || The Nells || by kimorahsmith679
My Art Book || The Nells ||by Kimmie Phantastic
A Book of artworks/drawings of The Nells (+ Others) from "Repetitions"
You Have Nowhere To Go by kimorahsmith679
You Have Nowhere To Goby Kimmie Phantastic
Betrayal and despair sometimes can not overcome fate, no matter what it is, nothing can be overcome
Mistakes - a story inspired by bendy the bunny by w0rmz1nth3d1rt
Mistakes - a story inspired by Alex
As the title states, this story is about mistakes. Big mistakes made by a woman named Lillian, who's desperate to raise a kid. But at what cost?.. maybe her soul? Find o...
The Stuck Mask by tHe_WiErD_dUdE
The Stuck Maskby Stephanie
This was an inspiration from Bendy The Bunny FNaF
The Nells || Skits || by kimorahsmith679
The Nells || Skits ||by Kimmie Phantastic
This is a Book of the Nells skits, memes, and more