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She Saved Me by SadTroubles
She Saved Meby sadtroubles.exe
A Bellarke Fanfic. What if she went back with Bellamy after they became the 13th clan? Clarke saved Bellamy from himself, she stopped him from destroying his life. Pike...
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The Space Between Us by MadeleineJ99
The Space Between Usby madeleine preston
There were two things Clarke Griffin didn't expected to happen that day: One. To survive praimfaya Two. For Bellamy Blake to kiss her before she left to fix the satell...
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Reckless  by MiaSmith085
Reckless by MiaSmith
The 100 delinquents are sent to the ground and are learning to survive. After a rough start in the relationship department, Clarke and Bellamy are faced with complicated...
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the one next door by Amanda_lorin
the one next doorby Viber 550
Clarke and Bellamy have been neighbors since she was 6, and he was 7. And, since the moment they met each other, they became friends. Eventually, things start to get a l...
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Everyone Dies Eventually (Oneshots) by SadTroubles
Everyone Dies Eventually (Oneshots)by sadtroubles.exe
Just a bunch of Bellarke AUs I thought of to speed up time until season 7 gets released. **Cover Art Isn't Mine** - **Characters Aren't Mine** I had no idea what to titl...
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Bellarke - one shots by Juultjeeeee
Bellarke - one shotsby Julia
Y'know , the same old bellarke shit 馃ぁ Just things Jason robbed us from Enjoy For those who don't know One shots is basically different plots in every chapter. So nothi...
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饾悋饾悽饾惉饾惌饾惃饾惈饾惒.. || 饾悂饾悶饾惀饾惀饾悮饾惁饾惒 || 饾悡饾悺饾悶 100 by the100vibes
饾悋饾悽饾惉饾惌饾惃饾惈饾惒.. || 饾悂饾悶饾惀饾惀饾悮饾惁饾惒 鈷
Laura Kemp is a 16 year old in the skybox, she's been in solitude for about a year and a half, but she's been in since she was 14. At that time her mother was floated fr...
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The Princess and The Cleaner by flamearke
The Princess and The Cleanerby flamearke
Clarke Griffin is the Only Child Of Queen Abby Griffin, who lost her father at a young age. her mother wants her to become friends with the new cleaning company, to show...
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Princess and the rebel by Juultjeeeee
Princess and the rebelby Julia
Clarke is the daughter of the king from Trikru. King Roan they call him. He is vicious, cruel and not loving. Clarke is reckless and the best healer of their tribe. She...
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The Stars Surrounding Us [Bellamy Blake] by goldnsunflowers
The Stars Surrounding Us [ malin
Ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, the massive space station called the ark sends down 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes o...
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Survivors銆婽he 100 by clarkessoftie
Survivors銆婽he 100by clarkessoftie
Sur鈥i鈥or /s蓹r'v墨v蓹r/ 1.A person who survives,especially a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died. 2.What Willa Jones had to become after mista...
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Ponad Wszystko | Bellarke by AlexJacksonO_Brien
Ponad Wszystko | Bellarkeby AlexJacksonO_Brien
Clarke jest zwyczajn膮 nastolatk膮. Jest mi艂a, a na jej twarzy zawsze widnieje u艣miech. Jednak mimo tego dziewczyna bardzo cierpi. Jej wewn臋trzny b贸l jest ogromny, jednak...
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Alone Together by limitlxxss
Alone Togetherby zoe
1 minute to launch, the computers voice boomed loudly. Raven could see the fierce determination fixed in her friends eyes, there was no changing his mind, everyone knew...
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The Boy from the Bunker - Season 4 by Hakuna
The Boy from the Bunker - Season 4by - 蛝虠 N i N i 蛠號-
Struggling to survive in what is left of the ruins of the fire, Sol is trying to sustain a future for the people of Basilisk, and navigate not only her peoples' sufferin...
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The Heart & The Head by Depressed_patato
The Heart & The Headby Ur a hoe
A book of One shots becuase Jason robbed us. Also I will write requests/suggestions. Thanks for reading!
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Bellarke- Arkadia High by annitessi1
Bellarke- Arkadia Highby annitessi1
Bellamy is popular confident and Clarke is quiet and smart. They both go to the same school, but do not get along. Will these two cross lines at school, that may lead th...
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Oblivious // Lincoln Kom Trikru by ImIntoBxssist
Oblivious // Lincoln Kom Trikruby ImIntoBxssist
Kara Blake is the twin sister of Octavia Blake and the younger sister of Bellamy Blake. After being locked under the floorboards for 16 years, her and Octavia get caught...
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Together (Bellarke one-shot book) by BellarkeandBway
Together (Bellarke one-shot book)by Bellarke and Broadway
Just a collection of Bellarke shipping stories. Will probably include AUs as well as canon situations. Please request if you have any ideas! Disclaimer: I do not own the...
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Homeward Bound by flamearke
Homeward Boundby flamearke
stories with agnst and fluff and just random stuff, have tissues and have fun reading :) ill try to update when i can :)
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Never Back Down by flamearke
Never Back Downby flamearke
5 years after everything is back to normal, Clarke is running one of he main hospitals and is married to the love of her life . She has everything that she never thought...
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