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Hots For Beale [COMPLETED] by lmfaowhat
Hots For Beale [COMPLETED]by lmfaowhat
18 year old, Beca, fell for her Chemistry teacher, Miss Beale who keeps giving her mixed signals. Is she going to act on her love? Or is it just a high school fling crus...
The Doctor and The DJ by Fanfic_watt_writer
The Doctor and The DJby Fanfic_writer
Chloe is a doctor and meets Beca who has been in a accident. The two get along really great but Beca has a secret that stops her from a relationship with Chloe. Thanks t...
Bechloe Smut Series by TypicalShipzer07
Bechloe Smut Seriesby Typical Shipzer
Exactly what the title is. A bunch of Beca x Chloe stories. If there are any grammatical errors I am sorry. Anyways, some of the stories might be a little cringe, I didn...
Coffee? (Bechloe) by ItsLittleOldMee
Coffee? (Bechloe)by ItsLittleOldMee
Set at the end of PP, A slightly okay fanfiction about a wild redhead and a petulant DJ with a subpar ending. Hope y'all enjoy.
Two Worlds Collide by blakesscripts
Two Worlds Collideby Blake
Beca Mitchell is a big shot music producer and recording artist, and is invited as a special guest to a music class for underprivileged children, which just so happens t...
Bechloe - The New Girl by idontknow386
Bechloe - The New Girlby Hollie
Beca is Northfield High's number one player. Chloe is the bubbly new student. The two are completely different but are still interested to find out more about the other...
10 things I hate about you by Fanfic_watt_writer
10 things I hate about youby Fanfic_writer
Plot: "When Beca finds herself falling in love with her best friend, she comes up with a list of things that she hates about Chloe to stop herself from falling for...
Pitch Slapped || Completed by Twinkle__Toes
Pitch Slapped || Completedby Twinkle__Toes
Melody Conrad, sister to Stacie Conrad but better known as Baby. When the two sisters go to college they have an adventure of singing, screaming, love, and more. Melody...
Fixing Us by lmfaowhat
Fixing Usby lmfaowhat
READ 'HOTS FOR BEALE' BEFORE READING THIS! Sequel to Hots For Beale. Should Beca fix her relationship or let Chloe go?
Bechloe: Oblivious by TheStormWithinMe7
Bechloe: Obliviousby 'Hey, Adora.' 😏
Both Beca and Chloe are in relationships. Beca is with Jesse. Chloe is with Tom. What will happen when things start to fall apart? Based on pp2 but I'm changing the st...
You Will See Me Come Undone by qweenkendrick
You Will See Me Come Undoneby 🥰
Seeing Chloe's face drop when she plays the mix at the next official practice is honestly the best reaction Beca could have hoped for. Beca has floored her; she's totall...
Out of all stars { BeChloe } by frxgilesky
Out of all stars { BeChloe }by •
•beca is in a relationship with jesse •based on pitch perfect 2 •this is the first fanfic I wrote, so forgive me if it sucks. •totally appreciate it if you guys comment...
Wrapped Around My Finger by travelghost
Wrapped Around My Fingerby Traveller Ghost
Beca is new to the Bellas and is staying firmly by Amy's side. Chloe finds the new girl cute and decides she wants a part of that. Chloe makes Beca flustered, which she...
A Name (bechloe) by adolescent_lullaby
A Name (bechloe)by June Locksley
Beca Mitchell woke up with a name and a desire to find the girl the name belonged to. To find the girl who's name had her heart.
In Our Blood by SiennaFleegal
In Our Bloodby Sienna
Beca had lost the two most important things to a child at a very young age, but Maddy and her family had been there to help her. With many human friends, a secret that c...
About Damn Time  by Bechloeplz
About Damn Time by Bechloeplz
when stacie and aubrey get tired of beca and chloe both being madly in love with eachother but not doing anything about it , they come up with a plan to get chloe to mak...
Anna Kendrick in Twilight World by Becawesomitchell
Anna Kendrick in Twilight Worldby Tori D.
Year 2018. Anna Kendrick is a successful actress for her past movies project and her latest which is Pitch Perfect 3 making her more mature and realise that she is not s...
It Never Is Simple by bxchloebeale
It Never Is Simpleby bxchloebeale
Life can never be simple, unless you shut everyone out. Everything seems so simple when it was only Chloe and Beca and the Bellas. But things started to change when Beca...
Take On The World 3 by bechloemygreys
Take On The World 3by name twinning with anna
3rd story in the 'Take on The World" series.