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Changing My Fate As a Villainess (DISCONTINUED) by DestinyLim
Changing My Fate As a Villainess ( Destiny Lim
TO ALL MY READERS OUT THERE: I'm very sorry, but I have to discontinue the story, honestly, a lot of things have been going on in my life and having to write a story af...
The Villainess Plan To Become A Nerd by Christiiiiii
The Villainess Plan To Become A Christiiiiii
An A-list actress died because of overworking. But the story doesn't end there but the beginning of her reincarnation as a villainnes that decide to live her live as a n...
SUPREME LOVE💜by Tandin Wangmo
Jisoo - "There will be a woman prettier than me, smarter than me, and better than me but there will never be a woman just like me." Taehyung - "In this va...
His and Her Odyssey Towards Love by MegumiHime_
His and Her Odyssey Towards Loveby Megumi🌸
When asked what is her opinion on being called 'Noble Young Miss' by the university population, Sang Mina answered with a shrug of her shoulders. When asked what is her...
Hug Me and You'll Die by YouthfulPeach
Hug Me and You'll Dieby YouthfulPeach
By chance, the tenth princess of the Underworld and seventh prince of Heaven met after sneaking away from the Banquet of Gods. By chance, they got into an altercation t...
My Queen by DeerSophie
My Queenby DeerSophie
Alice Diamond, 15 years old. She was just a normal girl who had a crush on her neighbor, Ruka Knight. Until the day her 16th birthday came...
Love's Greeting by LittleHero164
Love's Greetingby Nanamony
Sepanjang hidupnya yang dua puluh delapan tahun ini rasanya ia sudah mengenal semua jenis wanita. Oke, Yves Permana bukannya merujuk ke sisi Casanova-nya melainkan karen...
unexpected  marriage  by Ruksarraina
unexpected marriage by Ruksarraina
Drama romance beautiful love story
¿Who are you? by xmimimi07
¿Who are you?by mimimi
this is a nice story about friends falling love...
Conquering Villains and Capturing Targets Is Harder in Real Life than in Games by YouthfulPeach
Conquering Villains and YouthfulPeach
No matter how beautiful, smart, athletic, and personable Yoshino Shizuka is, compared to Semi Madoka, she is only ever second best. Shizuka's only solace is her first pl...
Plastics can be recycled by payrolz
Plastics can be recycledby payrolz
Lacy Valentine isn't a good person. She's spoiled. She's a bully. She has numerous flaws. Out of jealousy and madness, she tried to murder her love rival and died trying...
何为贤妻 (To Be A Virtuous Wife) by JashinxSama
何为贤妻 (To Be A Virtuous Wife)by JashinxSama
As a virtuous wife, does it include tolerating his cousin, enduring his concubines, bearing his mother? If you will not let me live freely, why would I let you live in s...