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#Against Bulling by KOTLC-Riley-PJO
#Against Bullingby KOTLC-Riley-PJO
Bulling is a very bad thing and should be taken seriously. In this book I will post things I find online about why bulling is bad and why you shouldn't bully others. If...
The Bully by GingerNinjaJenah1978
The Bullyby GingerNinjaJenah1978
This girl named Sam takes a turn when she goes to her new high school. After the death of her mother she became very depressed but her hopes came high when she was goin...
Confessions by booklover-025
Confessionsby Cathy Evans
DM me your confessions (all kinds accepted), and I'll post them here. Everything will be anonymous. - H.R. #2 in movement #12 in personalthoughts #17 in confess #11 in s...
Be a Friend By: rubyjefferies1959 by rubyjefferies1959
Be a Friend By: rubyjefferies1959by rubyjefferies1959
Hello everybody! Always be a friend and never turn your back on anybody. Hope y'all enjoy!
This is me✌ by Itz_Kylee13
This is me✌by ❤Kylee❤
A book about the one and only ugly person-thing I am
Ariana and Charlie  by amshinestar7778939
Ariana and Charlie by Star ⭐❤
Ariana Baker is a girl trapped a boy's body. Given name: Jacob Baker. Her best friend, Charlie Gardener, is the opposite. A boy trapped in a girl's body. Given name: Li...
The difference between a friend and a acquaintance by 1InkDeath1
The difference between a friend Geococo
This is one of two pieces I wrote for a book last year, this one did not go into the book though, the other one called ' A letter to Bullies', did though, and I was in t...
Loner by amshinestar7778939
Lonerby Star ⭐❤
There's a girl who is always alone, no one ever wanted to be her friends because of her ex-bff that spread rumors about her. She felt so alone in this world. That was u...