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His John Watson by tinynovak
His John Watsonby Ezra James
[Johnlock Oneshot pulled from my AO3 account] Post Reichenbach, Sherlock finds himself frequenting the same terror in his sleep. Returning to the times he was held capti...
Do You Trust Me, John? (One Shot) by marvelzupp
Do You Trust Me, John? (One Shot)by marvelzupp
A sweet moment turns into more of an 'experiment' as Sherlock would call it. In this new developing relationship, this one shot based on the Fan Art shown delves quickly...
SNAPCHAT|johnlock by etherealholmes
SNAPCHAT|johnlockby ❝queen of doritos❞
"am i in love with you? or am i in love with the feeling?" john is a famous actor and singer. sherlock is barely getting on with his life. john had the wrong...
When It Snows [Johnlock] by tinynovak
When It Snows [Johnlock]by Ezra James
All is well in London. As usual; never changing; forever constant. Just Sherlock Holmes in his lonely apartment, a young man well known across London, yet whom chose to...
Johnlock  OneShot by TeshWriter
Johnlock OneShotby TeshWriter
This is a short Story about my OTP Johnlock The story takes place after the third episode of season 2. #fluff
my dear watson // johnlock by rikohikawa
my dear watson // johnlockby Kasumin ☆
uh sfw johnlock because we stan that