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Married with a Playboy (Jungkook X reader) by KimFariaa
Married with a Playboy (Jungkook Kim Faria
my name was (y/n).and you were studying in high school but then your parents suddenly arranged your marriage with a person named jungkook which was play boy and he bulli...
pls read this i want attention  by jjongvibes
pls read this i want attention by bye bye babe
Please read this @_bangtanmom or @_bangtanlove
Drenched In Blood • jk | ff•  {COMPLETED} by thearmywriter
Drenched In Blood • jk | ff• { asian Y/N ㌐ <3
He can't control himself with blood but what happens when he meets you? ⑂✺ṳ ω!ℓℓ ♭ḙ ℓ!ṧᾰ ḟԻ✺Պ ♭ℓᾰḉк℘!ℵк I wrote this ff in a different style. Where you play as Lisa...
BTS Oneshots  by Army-wonders
BTS Oneshots by Army's forever
hey cutei readers! so this is my one-shot new book! you can also request you fav story plot and witch member you want!! I will write all type of stories like fluff;...
I Fell Inlove With My BestFriend by PrincessG19
I Fell Inlove With My BestFriendby PrincessG19
Now my tears are falling down, falling down, falling down. Now my tears are falling down. MY TAE BABY.......
Monstrous desires by LarahNinaAtriaTrinid
Monstrous desiresby let's wish on a sky
1st book!! Have time to enjoy!!
Dream Life by jungeel0903
Dream Lifeby Eclipse1203
Гол дүр:Жон Жонгүг; Kан Ми Сүk Туслах дүр: БТС бусад аидолууд Төрөл: Хайр дурлал ... Бага байхаасаа мөрөөдөж ирсэн бараг биелэшгүй тэр мөрөөдөл нэг л өдөр биелэж,зүүд мэ...
We Met At A Concert by JosephineCruz621
We Met At A Concertby author kook~
It's my first time writing FANFICTION online. I was told l was a good writer. SO l published one for now hope.You like it 😊
Loving a weirdo !! J-HOPE by jhosharan4
Loving a weirdo !! J-HOPEby JHOSHARAN4
Her life changed from hell to a pleasant yet soothing heaven because of seven boys none other than BTS . What happens if one of them falls head over heels for her ? Wi...
You by JJ_YOON
Complicated but sweet
Maknae love (Vmin, VKook, JiKook) by NikitaJ2004
Maknae love (Vmin, VKook, JiKook)by JUNGKOOK (KOOKIE)
If school wasn't hard enough, then what was.................................. Having a crush...? Well maybe but I was unlike all the other boys in our school...
One call away  by totallybangtan_
One call away by totallybangtan_
Being in an abusive relationship sucks, But what happened after I re-connect with my old high school friend and he becomes my temporary fix?
The Last Days At Bangtan High School. (Park Jimin) by Itzladyb
The Last Days At Bangtan High Tae Vickz
Park Jimin is the brightest star at the elite Bangtan High School. He has good looks, brain and is the captain of the football team. It's his last year in High School. ...
Billion dollar smile | vkook by clover_kate
Billion dollar smile | vkookby clover_kate
Kim Taehyung, the son of a billionair. A sweet-hearted guy who was taught to always get what he wanted. He meets a boy raised from an orphan who he instantly fall in lo...
Little Miss His || KTH x Reader [ON HOLD] by caramelotae
Little Miss His || KTH x Reader [ UNITAEROBIGHIT
"Help me recover from this fetish Y/n..." "I pray.... Smile with me! Cry with me! Try with me! You make me begin~" [ language ] [ romance ] [ humo...
@_bangtanlove by do_u_have_food
@_bangtanloveby Do_u_have_food
This is for @_bangtanlove because her mom @_bangtanmom got a fan club before her so pls read (cause i want attention) and SUPPORT HER BOOKS BITCH byeee??