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Danganronpa Ship Oneshots !Complete! by DanganropaWeeb11037
Danganronpa Ship Oneshots ! ilikehimikofightme
Stay Hydrated and have a wonderful day 😁😘 (Disclaimer: I am a horrible writer) Rankings 1# Danganronpa Oneshots 12/11/21 1# Band-aid 12/19/21 1# 11037 12/19/21 1# Ka...
Danganropa OneShots by MidoriyaMidoriya
Danganropa OneShotsby The weekly weeb
Like the title said, it's just Danganropa oneshots I mostly will do Amasai though 💙= Fluff 💔= Angst I do take ship requests I do not own Danganropa or any of the artw...
The Chat Hell is afraid of by Pekobutintrovert
The Chat Hell is afraid ofby Got no life
Ibuki has added you to 'Ibuki's Hellish Chat' {Accept} {Decline Ships: Hajime x Nagito ...
Band-aid On Your Heart by AuthorOfHerOwnUrban
Band-aid On Your Heartby Ty❤
(NOT A CLICHE) Faith and Azai grew up together. They were best friends. Faith would beat up girls for Azai and he would protect her from boys. When you seen one you seen...
Introverted Love (Mikan X Ibuki) by XxCloudyNightsxX
Introverted Love (Mikan X Ibuki)by XxCloudyNightsxX
!! NONE OF THE ARTWORK SHOWN IN THIS STORY IS MINE, I DON'T OWN AY OF THE CHARACTERS !! ---------------------------------------------- This sweet love story about a nurs...
Ships! (Danganronpa) by EspionAngel
Ships! (Danganronpa)by finn
If you don't like ships just skip that, characters not mine from Danganronpa, main ones, byakuya x Hiro, shuichi x kokichi, Celestia x kyoko, Miu x keebo, ibuki x mikan...
Split by irouma
Splitby rin/ren ᰔ♪
The World Split In Half, Right In The Middle And Nobody Knows Why, Mikan And Ibuki Are Stuck On Opposite Sides, How Will They Reach Eachother, How Will Mikan Tell Ibuki...
Sickness (Bandaid aka Ibuki x Mikan story) by Noonecanseeme1
Sickness (Bandaid aka Ibuki x Edgar/Eddie
Non despair AU Ibuki x Mikan Most likely slow updates Discontinued
Your Affection To Me (Band-aid, DISCONTINUED) by NotAObsession
Your Affection To Me (Band-aid, NotAObsession
Mikan Tsumiki, The ultimate nurse who was abused and has a rough backstory meets The Ultimate Musician Ibuki Mioda and slowly falls for her affection to her. Disclaimer:...
Life After Death (Zombie Apocalypse AU) by Nagit0givesmeh0pe
Life After Death (Zombie 𝕂𝕀ℙℙ
!!⚠ON HAITUS⚠!! yay a zombie apocalypse au hopefully nobody has done this yet, anyways some of the art is not mine and the artist will be credited, I don't own Danganron...
Random One-shots! by disbishisgae
Random One-shots!by dumbass bitch :3
I uhh...decided to be productive XD its kinda difficult TwT
Love at first sight 💗 Band-Aid (IbukixMikan) by Akarixxu
Love at first sight 💗 Band-Aid ( Akari! ♡♡
Love at first sight is a story made my Akari the storyline is : Mikan just transferred to hopes peak academy and is ready to start off her first day there but her toxic...
⚠COVER ART AND ANY OTHER ART IS NOT MINE UNLESS I TELL YOU SO⚠ This is just a collection of Tsumioda/Band-aid oneshots. I won't be doing any smut because I will suck at...
Dangangronpa WLW oneshots by problomatic_frechfry
Dangangronpa WLW oneshotsby Yamaguchi simp💞
Hi! This is a bunch of oneshots for the wlw ships in Dangangronpa! This book will most definitely contain spoilers for all if the games but I will add spoiler warnings s...
music is my medicine. | band aid by mikansbloodybandaid
music is my medicine. | band aidby bandage wrap
lust and despair, two beautiful yet demented parts of humanity. when i met you in that empty hallways, it would only be safe to assume that lady luck was on our side. y...
Identity Thief  by Komahinashipper2
Identity Thief by Komahinashipper2
Monokuma is bored because its too peaceful in the island, so he decides to create another motive to spice things up and with most of them coupled up the risk of losing t...
Healing Hearts by celestialpursuits
Healing Heartsby ♡
Skylar and Ellian have initially built their friendship on band-aids and kisses. How foolish were they to believe that was enough to hold what they had, when ultimately...
my princess (band-aid) Discontinued unless people like it by IM_DUMB_YEAH
my princess (band-aid) Syo
this is a band-aid story if you dont like dont read this takes place in an au where they're at regular high school (still hopes peak) and are not(spoiler) remnants of di...
My opinion on the ships I've read fan fics forrr by To_Big_Of_A_Simp
My opinion on the ships I've 𝙰 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 ♡
Uhhh idk I was just bored- so I'm rating the ships that I've read fan fics for 👍 A lot of these I just read for fun- the only ones I ship are well you'll see Small edit...