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Kaminari Ship oneshots by duckybitch
Kaminari Ship oneshotsby duckybitch
I mean you saw the title and I'm gonna be honest I have no fucking clue what I'm doing but kaminari is my absolute favorite character and I ship him with multiple people...
Bakukami by ashyexe
Bakukamiby Ashley
It is what the title says bakukami if you dont like this ship then it's simple the don't read my story xx
His Picachu (bakukami) by DenkiKaminari_17
His Picachu (bakukami)by Denki_Kaminari
I don't see alot if any of these so I decided I was going to do one. it'll be in 3rd pov because I can and and I have no plan for this book. whenever inspiration hits I'...