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Twelve Majestic [EXO X OC] by UshiKei
Twelve Majestic [EXO X OC]by Han!n
When six years old Moon Hani stumbles upon a weird shaped card that is different from any types of game cards, she doesn't pay it any of her attention; especially after...
Vampires (Baekhyun x Exo) by kpop_686_anime
Vampires (Baekhyun x Exo)by kpop_686_anime
In vampire kingdom,king is sick and want his 11 sons to go to human world and learn how to live with humans.Before they left he told them to talk and to tell him know wh...
Guard Of My Heart | B.BH by starlight_sy
Guard Of My Heart | B.BHby 별빛
Do Hyunsong works as Byun Baekhyun's bodyguard. As a bodyguard, she need to spend all her time with the most annoying person she ever meet. Baekhyun hate Hyunsong for c...
 🍕ဘေဘီလုံးကစ်🍔🍕ေဘဘီလုံးကစ္🍔[Completed] by Carnation_khyunee
🍕ဘေဘီလုံးကစ်🍔🍕ေဘဘီလုံးကစ္🍔[ Carnation_khyunee
လုံးကစ်ရဲ့ကိုကို.. ကိုကိုရဲ့လုံးကစ်..
This Love » vkook by taejestic
This Love » vkookby taejestic
[complete ; mpreg] Jeon Jungkook, a single father of two sons living in Manhattan, feels like he has life figured out. But when his famous ex-husband, Kim Taehyung, come...
✧LOYAL LOVE✧{Complete} Zaw+Uni by khine_Yeol
✧LOYAL LOVE✧{Complete} Zaw+Uniby Khine
Look At Me! (ChanBaek) by MyOnlyLoveIsLu
Look At Me! (ChanBaek)by ᗩli
Park Chanyeol is the it guy of EXO high school. Used to having attention, he despises Byun Baekhyun because the petite brunet never bats an eyelash at him. Chanyeol has...
Ice Skating Angel (Baekhyun x Reader) ✔ by ICFrost
Ice Skating Angel (Baekhyun x ICFrost
(Y/N) is an ex-ice skater who quit because of an incident. Baekhyun is a member of S.M. Entertainment's EXO. Legend has it that one day these two will meet. But the stor...
My Cute baby by HyeonJuu5449
My Cute babyby HyeonJuu5449
Park Chanyeol "ငယ္​​ေလးက ကိုယ္​့အပိုင္​ပဲ " Baekhyun "သားက ဦးကိုပဲခ်စ္​တာ " Sehun "Park Chanyeol မင္​းအတၱသိပ္​ ...
Noona | bts by JungkookieMonsterr
Noona | btsby —yanna🥀
❝aww, they're all so cute, are you their mother? ❞ started : xi.iv.xvii
|| exo imagines and reactions || by hannahsjustaweeb
|| exo imagines and reactions ||by h4nn4h
~title says it all~ exo reactions and imagines! ⚠️ STORY CLOSED (OCT,14,2020) ⚠️
That One Singer || BYUN BAEKHYUN by BaeTaeLay
That One Singer || BYUN BAEKHYUNby ✨ grace 👑
You're staring at me weirdly.... Start: 10/30/15 End: 2/11/16
Growing Up Too Fast by Scarlet-Periwinkle
Growing Up Too Fastby Just Me ♥
"Be good, my little avengers." It's as if their Mom didn't know that leaving Baekhyun home alone with all six of his little siblings would be a bad idea.
𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐑𝐌 𝐀𝐦𝐛𝐰 𝐈𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬   by MysticalMadi26
𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐑𝐌 𝐀𝐦𝐛𝐰 𝐈𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧 ❁ 𝓨𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓳𝓾𝓷𝓷𝓲𝓮 ❁
Well our gorgeous boys from SuperM with fantastic melanin woman. The title says it all. A book of one shots, preferences and short series' for our queens. * UPDATES A...
A touch away: a baekyeol tale {COMPLETED} by GaspNoise
A touch away: a baekyeol tale { KoKo
When living with guilt isn't enough, Baekhyun decides to go away Only to be met by a familiar face A familiar guilt Chanyeol
Makeover (Chanbaek) [mpreg] by Baekiiee
Makeover (Chanbaek) [mpreg]by Chanbaekk
Byun Baekhyun, a nerd that crushes on Park Chanyeol who is the school's heartthrob but a playboy. When Baekhyun gets rejected and teased by his first love, his best fri...
Conditions of the Heart | byun baekhyun by moominscrib
Conditions of the Heart | byun moominscrib
(EXO Series #2) Gone were the days she can choose whether to like a person or not. For she's now sold to marry a guy she never once met. Eun Saemi was left with no choic...
Baekhyun my teacher by MyComedicLife
Baekhyun my teacherby MyComedicLife
He looks at me in a loving way as he brushes a strand of my hair behind my ear. I was about to begin to talk to him but as soon as he closed the door, he grabbed me by m...
~~အသံုးေတာ္ခံ~~ by Fire_puppy
~~အသံုးေတာ္ခံ~~by KHWBYH
ယြမ္အင္ပါယာရဲ့ စစ္နတ္မင္းဆီကို ရွီလာရဲ့ အရုပ္ေလးလိုလွတဲ့ မင္းသားေလးတစ္ပါးအဆက္သခံခဲ့ရသည္... ယွမ်အင်ပါယာရဲ့ စစ်နတ်မင်းဆီကို ရှီလာရဲ့ အရုပ်လေးလိုလှတဲ့ မင်းသားလေးတစ်ပါးအဆက်သ...
Living With The Enemy [Chanbaek | Baekyeol] by yeolallineed
Living With The Enemy [Chanbaek | HIATUS
[COMPLETED] It's the first day of college at the Royal School of Gifted Arts. After being bullied in his previous school for 2 years, Chanyeol has finally managed to cha...