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HER. [sebaek] by lqjaehyun
HER. [sebaek]by 🍌🐟
in which byun baekhyun has a stalker and asks his best friend oh sehun to help him. [lowercase intended]
The ghoul and his wife °Jk° by Hdjdk18
The ghoul and his wife °Jk°by Hdjdk
حيث تجري قبلة الزواج لتصبح تلك البشرية زوجة الغول ،وذلك الغول يريد القضاء على البشرية ولكن هو لا يستطيع القضاء على تلك البشرية أو البعد عنها لأنها نصفه الأخر منذ الآن هو...
Alpha by MiraclesInEXO
Alphaby Kkaebsong
One alpha. Two mates. "BAEKHYUN NO!" - One hybrid in a world of pure wolves. "Useless cat." - One destiny.
Real | SeBaek by xiu_miniminnie
Real | SeBaekby Xiu_min Minnie
" I'll always be with you"
Exo Imagines and Preference's by grimmycrevan_xxx
Exo Imagines and Preference'sby Ember_Crevanxxx
So, let me just say now. I am not asian. Im not familiar with asian culture in any way really, my mom and my sister are but I have never really been able to grasp onto i...
Golden Blood || English Version  by __MeMa__
Golden Blood || English Version by EruRi's GODmother🍵♨
× You are the healer of the humanity... Chansoo Fanfiction Bxb Started : 19 August 2020 Ended :..
Inolvidable | BaekHun by kototama_
Inolvidable | BaekHunby ✨
. El Gran Día por fin había llegado para hacer realidad los sueños de Sehun. . . ✎ Pareja: BaekHun / Baekhyun x Sehun- ✎ One shot | Fluff | Baekhyun!Top x Sehun!Bottom...
Bloody Christmas 🌹 SeBaek🌹 by weareone_inamillion
Bloody Christmas 🌹 SeBaek🌹by Inupi ✨
Navidad es la época de reflexiones personales, momentos familiares y sobretodo regalos, pero ¿qué se supone que se le puede regalar a un vampiro? BaekHyun no tiene ni la...
I'm not the only one ( COMPLETE) by baekieelove
I'm not the only one ( COMPLETE)by 찬백
COMPLETE I was aware of this feeling, I saw someone going through it but I didn't knew it will hurt so bad, I just wish for death. chanyeol, baekhyun and sehun My heart...
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"Amor sin banderas en cuatro corazones" -three shot [SB] by Jukywunn
"Amor sin banderas en cuatro Juky Wunn
Sólo existían en el mundo para amarse uno a otro. Sin etiquetas, sólo dos queer en la adolescencia. Un descubrimiento en el jodido mes de junio, donde todo era de disti...
Mode: passive | SeBaek/BaekHun by kototama_
Mode: passive | SeBaek/BaekHunby ✨
. . "Baekhyun amaba completamente a Sehun, incluso con ese demonio más oculto." . . . ✎ Pareja: Sehun-Baekhyun ✎ One shot. ✎ | Fluff | Versatilidad | ✎ No cop...
 ❝   boys like you   ❞      sebaek by kanbaekkie
❝ boys like you ❞ sebaekby he(art)
"boys like you can't fall in love with boys like me."
FAMOUS ; exo au  by jilyfilms
FAMOUS ; exo au by jamie
"shit, we're famous!" - in which nine teenagers connect online through their favourite kpop group and decide to make a youtube channel together.
When the snow falls / BaekHun by unvrsx
When the snow falls / BaekHunby 伊莎貝拉
Escrita para la dinamica fiestas del SeBaek/BaekHun de @impilusa. Otp: BaekHun Advertencia: Ninguna. Extension: 1 capitulo.
Migajas de amor | BaekHun by kototama_
Migajas de amor | BaekHunby ✨
. "Sehun está tan cegado y desesperado por el amor de Baekhyun, que es capaz de renunciar a cualquier amor sano y próspero con tal de esperarlo, ya que siempre tend...
EXO Ship One Shots by Pinkalicious_22
EXO Ship One Shotsby LoveNiniGom
If you want to have some EXO ship stories without having to spend days reading a story then this book is for you. I'll post one shot stories of EXO ships here for EXO-Ls...
2.0💢😍/BaekHun by Jeanbalmey
2.0💢😍/BaekHunby DGHH
- ¡Buen día Baek Hyung! - - No me hables escoria - - Me amas - - Te odio - ESTE ESCRITO ESTARÁ PARTICIPANDO EN " PARADISE SEBAEK / BAEKHUN " .......
Unnoticed || Baekhyun EXO ff by vivilights
Unnoticed || Baekhyun EXO ffby Yiling Laozu
Byun Baekhyun was the new kid who was the talk of the school. Mainly because he was rich and had androgynous beauty that both boys and girls admired or rather envied of...
Dreaming of You (But How to Stop?) // Sebaek by chenwhinery
Dreaming of You (But How to Stop?) chenwhinery
Whether he was an endearing lover or a dark and mysterious murderer, the same young man repeatedly appeared in Baekhyun's dreams. As peculiar as it was, Baekhyun didn't...
Mini Story: SehunXBaekhyun by rumikoasahara
Mini Story: SehunXBaekhyunby Rumiko Asahara
Unaware what happened the night before Baekhyun wakes up naked next to Sehun...?