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Awake And Unafraid by Sylboo
Awake And Unafraidby Sylvia Wills
Ashlin and Jamie are twins. With a dead mother and an abusive father, they've taken care of themselves for as long as they could remember. They are under the category of...
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Living With The Anderson Boys | ✓ by XmysterysmileX
Living With The Anderson Boys | ✓by Talesha Mitchell
| Highest Rank: #23 in Teen Fiction | ---------- I wrote this when I was, like, 13 or 14. I will be editing this throughout the month of January, 2019. I apologise for t...
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afraid. by kaylee0130
#3 kaylee0130
Thank you
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Falling for Naruto by DancingbabyA
Falling for Narutoby Ace
Yasu is a runaway from her own home. No mom and a dad that sold he off for his debt. People have not seen her after she turned five. She single handedly escaped from the...
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True Colors(slow update) by kaythedragon19
True Colors(slow update)by Kayden James
come on an adventure with Blaize and her friends. Through the hard times and the good ones. Watch as secrets are revealed and someone's dark past comes back to haunt the...
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Life of a Billionaire Teenager by SugarAndSweets123
Life of a Billionaire Teenagerby Railyn Shay
Reagan, an eighteen year old, was forced to grow up before she was ready. Now, she proudly owns a huge company and earns more money than an average working adult. But, w...
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Life's Lesson(boyxboy) by AschIsLove
Life's Lesson(boyxboy)by AschIsLove
Ashen Rivers has a tough life. But then again, anything would be tough if you had to keep yourself hidden from everyone because you were an extremely rare species. Ashen...
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How I Met Evil by _Toxic_Shadow_
How I Met Evilby ☠ᎦᏂᎯᎴᏫᏊ☠
Zachary Goodman, age 16, lost his parents to the evil of the world. What will become of him? Facing the world alone isn't as easy as it seems especially when a dark past...
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Beyond The Barriers by vivilubin1
Beyond The Barriersby vivilubin1
Alex, a former soldier struggling to get his life back together after coming back home is tormented by anxiety and panick attacks, and he doesn't want to let anyone in...
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Adopted by One Direction by no-one-important
Adopted by One Directionby Just me
Northhedge Orphanage Child Papers Name: Isolde Blackwood Age: 16 Years spent here: 8 years Past: Unknown apart from the thoughts of abuse Adopted?: Not yet ...
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Her Stained Lips (GirlxGirl) by xUndeadCutiex
Her Stained Lips (GirlxGirl)by ♥︎ Cheshire Cat ♥︎
She was your average girl in a simple world but when she meets Lila a designer for the biggest company in the world. Her life is thrown to the dogs or well vampires. No...
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Twisted Roots  by GuardianofCourage
Twisted Roots by Haze/John
John is the Heir dave is an assasin who becomes his knight (john dave fic)
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Bad Boy Brady by Bookworm_Tina
Bad Boy Bradyby Tina
"I don't trust you." Amelia said in all honesty. "Smart girl." Brady said. Amelia took a step closer. "But," Brady stopped what he was bu...
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Once loved never forgiven Lashton short story originally was gonna a longer story. by everythingtotoro13
Once loved never forgiven ☁︎ tia ☁︎
Ashton Irwin is a 15 year old boy living with an adopted family and 2 brothers, with a hard past trying to get through high school. But what happens when Ashton is walki...
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The Runaway (Pggz Story) by redsforever13
The Runaway (Pggz Story)by sensitive.
Momoko only has 2 friends Miyako/Bubbles and Kaoru/Buttercup, she's a sweet girl but super hyper which makes people dislike her. Others tend to bully her and when one pr...
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I Punched The Bad Boy Jock by EmptyBlackSpace
I Punched The Bad Boy Jockby Empty Space
Cameron is just a teenage nerd with nothing going for her besides college and anger management classes. Sebastian the new kid in town becomes the bad boy jock which mean...
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Books Plus Trouble Leads To...Love? by radXidiotxgroupX
Books Plus Trouble Leads To...Love?by radXidiotxgroupX
~ Dylan Aprils ~ Her life is going perfectly fine and normal~ish when the wicked bitch of the west a.k.a Sophia Anderson starts a rumor that involves Dylan and the schoo...
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NOEL by lilmizzchiczahara
NOELby Zahara Callender
Bruise battered rapped and drugged Noel must over come the traumas set dee in her memory. School is the furthest thing from her mind and she sink into a depression since...
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The Day She Stopped Crying by ThatAn1meGirl
The Day She Stopped Cryingby ThatAn1meGirl
This story is about a girl who would cry about anything and everything, but one tragic day something terrible will happen and all hell breaks loose se.. Don't steal m...
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You're On, Mr. Badboy! by DemonHunterWithDean
You're On, Mr. Badboy!by DemonHunterWithDean
Meet Presley Jackson. A sarcastic, strong willed, bad girl. Yep, bad. With a past. Newly moved and completely closed off. She takes no one's bull. Enter Alec Ryder. The...
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