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BAD DECISIONS • JJK by dappleddaisies
BAD DECISIONS • JJKby holly 🤺🌼
information regarding bd, where to read it, and why it's no longer on wattpad!
over the edge|✔ by whywouldilovehim
over the edge|✔by JN
He has lost everything....
Iscariot by ErlenmeyerKat
Iscariotby Erlenmeyer Kat
It's been six years in the human world since Mika decided that the boys should leave. She and Andrew are happy, her graduation and their marriage approaching. The boys m...
The Barnes' Mission  by Grimeschesterale
The Barnes' Mission by Grimeschesterale
Natasha sends Bucky on a quiet recon mission to the Sunshine State. Hawaiian shirts and mai tais can't save him from the inevitable. His fate is sealed when he interfere...
Leaving In the Wake of Lies - An AdBor Fanfic by shinin_moonbeam
Leaving In the Wake of Lies - An shinin_moonbeam
Backstory: Sometime around episodes 10 and 11. Ada and her family have returned home as per Ada's wishes after hearing Belma's insults. All her lies have been snowballin...
Lacuna ✔   by Amaranthine98
Lacuna ✔ by Amaranthine98
lacuna (n.) a blank space, a missing part. Who broke your heart?
Eating a Cheeseburger  by Akuji666
Eating a Cheeseburger by Sofia Gabriella
What it's like to consume a cheeseburger, requested by DarkClyde17.
Clean Versions of Dear: Heart, Please Stop Falling In Love by JennaRose5205
Clean Versions of Dear: Heart, JennaRose5205
A clean and edited version of my favorite story :)
Give me slack I'm in high school  by livinlrg
Give me slack I'm in high school by livinlrg
My personal account of life so far and my stories enjoy and share
A Series of Unfortunate Decisions by hfelder13
A Series of Unfortunate Decisionsby Heather✨
Sometimes you don't realize how one decision that seemed so small at first can spiral downhill and change your life.
Bad Decisions by goropadna
Bad Decisionsby 💬
❝I didn't want to fall in love, not at all. But at some point you smiled, and, holy shit, I blew it.❞
Foul by savannahhrose
Foulby savannahhrose
That night she was going to end everything. Her boyfriend broke up with her, she is making really bad decisions with her life. Everything seemed to be getting worse. Lex...
Panic by GabeWilliams276
Panicby That_asain99
A translation of events into emotions
Capturing the Stars by priyaqueenwater
Capturing the Starsby priyaqueenwater
A junior high-school girl who falls in love with a boy but what happens when this is not up to just love, when she finds the boy's greatest secret ever.Did the boy also...
Bad decisions by _AmberRae
Bad decisionsby _AmberRae
This story is is about a girl named brook that meets the boys from magcon at an event and makes a good impression on them. She gets close to them and makes bad decisions...
Over the edge by hillscastle
Over the edgeby hillscastle
He's alone and doesn't believe in love anymore. Can he be saved?
Chris and Vitya's Annual Post-Worlds Bender by emotistic-optimistic
Chris and Vitya's Annual Emotistic Optimistic
Christophe and Victor have a tradition of getting wasted every year after Worlds. Sometimes they talk. Sometimes they make poor life decisions. But it's always the most...
Nova's List of Bad Decisions by Pinksra
Nova's List of Bad Decisionsby Pinksra
1. Get drunk. Like, knockout drunk, not trophy wife drunk. 2. Get a tattoo. 3. Go skinny-dipping. You will probably get herpes or something, but live while you're young...
Mentally Strong AF by ana_zang
Mentally Strong AFby ana_zang
This is a story about a first generation Bengali-American girl named Suri who had a couple of traumatic experiences as a child which lead to her depression and bad decis...