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The Silent One ✔ by RoseCarter501
The Silent One ✔by Rose Carter
They say that the silent ones have the loudest minds. After pleading guilty to assault and grand theft auto chargers, Evangeline Sanders is sentenced to two and a half...
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Radioactive (My Hero Academia) by Insomniac_Queen
Radioactive (My Hero Academia)by I Get No Sleep
What would happen if the daughter of the number one hero 'Deku' got transported to the past? How will class 1-A react to her? Will she be able to get home? Read to find...
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My Step-Sisters Boyfriend by Renee_Marsh19
My Step-Sisters Boyfriendby Nooka
Riley Blake and Stacey Robinson don't exactly get along, but they can just avoid each other right? WRONG. It's a bit hard to avoid your stepsister, when you live in the...
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I'm back and badass by Lustfork
I'm back and badassby 𝐋𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐤
My name is Valentina Myers, I'm 18 years old and I'm back. I went to Ablin High School for freshman year until I fell for Jack Hill. I thought it was love but little did...
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And He Still Didn't Fire Me  by TheFoxSaysHi
And He Still Didn't Fire Me by Hello, Wattpader. I like you.
"Your resume says your main achievement is... finishing a rubber before losing it because you are awesome." "Yep!" "Your personality type says y...
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Alpha's Obsession  by NanamiMomozono675
Alpha's Obsession by Nanami Momozono
Andrea Kavanagh had lost everything at age 5 when her entire pack was slaughtered. Her mother and herself being the only survivors, were forced to flee from the killer...
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Despise and Despair by WorldofPedz
Despise and Despairby Dani - WorldofPedz
"You're my assistant," His lips hovered dangerously close to my right earlobe. "I expect you to obey me, or you'll be disposed of!" Those words rippe...
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I'm not just a Human! (Mature Scenes)  by redheadedgirl3690
I'm not just a Human! (Mature redhead
(Completed) Sophia Hale has been abused by her stepfather for years. she was always strong enough to take any type of abuse, but when he hurts her little half brother, i...
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Huntress of the Rogues by Falconess
Huntress of the Roguesby Falcon
My name is Keladry Massimer, a silent Guardian Huntress by night, and an innocent, and rather nerdy, student of Weston High by day. I am one of the rare Gifted. The Gift...
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Kidnapped By the Gang Leader by CyntheticCopper
Kidnapped By the Gang Leaderby Nikki
She just wanted to take a piss. She and Dakota had been drinking and laughing so much, she couldn't hold it in any longer. Taking a piss at the wrong place and time put...
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CONNOR |Editing| by orlando_isperfect
CONNOR |Editing|by teenAge_feVer
#TheUnseenGrave2020 Connor William Wolfhard, a 13-year-old, who has been through a horrible life. With a mother who becomes an addict after getting jobless that she didn...
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I Tutor A Sex God by Louise_Babe
I Tutor A Sex Godby Louise Boi
Nothing ever happens in the small-town of Hartnell. Which is how Emily Love, a genius with a few close friends, loves it. Peaceful, and quiet is how she would describe i...
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Legal mafia by chimexsy
Legal mafiaby Bookmarkme
This story appeals to a realization on true events of a mafia moll on a mafia don but would this take time if they are rivals . . Enjoy
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Crossing the bad boy's path by Jasiegrace
Crossing the bad boy's pathby 𝒥𝒶𝓈𝒾ℯ 🕊
Victoria Anderson has recently shifted to Adelaide where she had to star a new life she never asked for. She's a chocoholic with a big passion for clothes and Netflix sh...
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The Outcasts (BadassGirl/NerdyBoy) by 1DFandom16
The Outcasts (BadassGirl/NerdyBoy)by Mrs.Horan
"I-I-I can do the project for you and write your nam-me on it" he said a bit shy. "No, the teacher forced me to do it with you" I rolled my eyes. &qu...
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The Sheild Imagines by LocalKinGirl
The Sheild Imaginesby Aloha Smith
Feel free to send me requests 😁
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What happens when the school's biggest playboy sees your secret you have been hiding for the past 12 years? will she be able to hide her past from everyone or will her...
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When the bully meets his Match || A P.JM by taegi1470
When the bully meets his Match || Virgoarmy_1290
Mira Patel: A badass tomboy-cum-nerd, who recently shifted to Korea from India. Park Jimin: The school bully just gonna legitly get it from Mira. A typical-sounding but...
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The Mafia Princess//BTS gang AU// by BTS_Suga_addict
The Mafia Princess//BTS gang AU//by ❤️BTS Addict😂
She was being hunted, and for that reason, she stayed hidden. The two biggest gangs were rivals, and would kill one another every single chance they got. There is no...
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Dealers love story: ZDH {COMPLETED} by Flossie0607
Dealers love story: ZDH {COMPLETED}by Flossie0607🔗
Elizabeth Brooklyn Carpenter, is a girl out of the ordinary. She's not weird but she has to keep up an act so her parent will accept her. No one could change her. One da...
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