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oc by whzw06
ocby whzw06
i miei oc per le roleplay
Promise me? - D.M by kelsieclarke
Promise me? - D.Mby kelsieclarke
Y/n Callisto thought she was just a muggle. An ordinary girl at the age 13 who lived in Ammordale (a town down South)with her parents and her two brothers. That all chan...
Stormy Nights  by draco_mistresses
Stormy Nights by dracos..mistress
after Hermione sees harry die she's pulled anyway from the battle by non other than Draco Malfoy. Blaming herself for everything and being stuck with draco makes her rea...
The heir of Lestrange by AarushVe
The heir of Lestrangeby AarushVe
What if Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange had a son and a daughter, what if only the son survived. What if the son was sent to live with muggles. What if, his godfather...
Are you okay, Malfoy? (For Rachel) by WpgroupStoriess
Are you okay, Malfoy? (For Rachel)by johnny lawrence simp
this is a story for my friend but u can read it @rachelabuegg Your name is Rachel Wisecarver, you have a sister named Rhian who has a crush on harry potter but you have...
Pokonać śmierć by BoredSunflower123
Pokonać śmierćby Ola Nowak
Wojna trwa nadal, ostateczna bitwa kończy się pokonaniem śmierci, ale czy tylko przez chłopca, który przeżył? Opowieść Sevmione, głównie cała akcja dzieje się dookoła He...
Avada Theme Free Download (Latest Version) by baytron
Avada Theme Free Download (Latest...by baytron co
Avada is the top most premium WordPress theme and also number 1 selling WordPress theme on Themeforest. Avada theme is fully compatible with almost all WordPress plugins...
Stopping Delphini Diggory by SeverusSnape37
Stopping Delphini Diggoryby Sasuke Frickin Uchiha
What happens when either Harry or Ginny has to kill themselves? The other, plus Ron and Hermione, go after Delphini Diggory, the Dark Lord and Bella's daughter. Will the...
This Woman Who Lies. by WACCAL
This Woman Who Lies.by WACCAL
Je me promenais telle la princesse que j'étais, rejetant une de mes mèches noires. Moi, Harry Potter, j'étais le garçon le plus populaire de Poudlard. Et je le savais...
Let the MAGIC begin by 2-dimensional_figure
Let the MAGIC beginby Ria Singh
I solemnly swear that I am upto no good. This book has facts, jokes and randomness which siriusly needs to be shared with you. [A/N- I own nothing. Queen Rowling has all...
Death Eater - A Crystal Truth by ClawOfTheRaven
Death Eater - A Crystal Truthby T.K.A. Halonen
Once the Dark Lord was defeated by an infant the whole world cheered for the boy. But among the loyal followers of his, the Death Eaters, was a great fight for the thron...
Neville Longbottom- The Boy Who Lived by Tootsie_Noodles
Neville Longbottom- The Boy Who Li...by Tootsie_Noodles
Imagine that Voldemort decided to go after Neville Longbottom instead of the Potter's. This is a fan fiction on what could have happened if Voldemort went after Neville...
He Had It Coming by LucretiaDanger666
He Had It Comingby LucretiaDanger666
Luna Lovegood has often been described as 'crazy'. As this story shows, she may be odd, but she always gets even...
Spoof Series 2: Harry Potter by crazygirlwhostalksu
Spoof Series 2: Harry Potterby The Slayer
Just another Harry Potter spoof thing...