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Jenny's Heart by DressageGeek
Jenny's Heartby Katelyn Grace
~An obligated billionaire, a selfless waitress, and the dark past that binds them~ "Do you want to go and sit somewhere? There's some business I would like to discu...
For Once - Freeverse Poetry [COMPLETED] by fatimaviir
For Once - Freeverse Poetry [ Opal
DISCLAIMER: None of the stuff in this book has happened to me (none of the bad stuff anyway), I wrote this solely for fun and because I was bored one day. Yes it's prett...
The spiderling and the trickster(second book) by Pendragon2407
The spiderling and the trickster( Pendragon
" shut up brat" the man kicked me in the side and I whimpered Peters kidnapped once again but this time it's by Loki and a new person will he survive or will h...
When will you learn that I'm alive to?( VigilanteDeku) by NanaNijamii2
When will you learn that I'm Nala~Sensei
As a child deku kept getting bullied because of his smarts and his way of not showing his quirk. Katsuki, his brother figure would often protect him but even that wasn't...
My Mate is A Rogue (Completed) by Luna_Resie
My Mate is A Rogue (Completed)by ❀KelsieKelshane❀
2nd Book of Unwanted Series Jacob Vansrod is the Alpha of Black Wolf Pack. He was ruthless and never did show any mercy to his enemy. Being the most powerful Alpha in th...
The linking Afton  by Plush_Shadowtrap
The linking Afton by The Plush_Trap twins
One day Bryan brings his father to work with him so he can introduce him to his friends, what no one knows is that his father is William Afton's brother. How will the an...
A Weekend At Fluttershy's by brojak98
A Weekend At Fluttershy'sby Jacob Brown
She'd been looking forward to spending the weekend with Rainbow Dash her Big Sister Mentor Idol. But when something comes up and RD has to leave at the last minute Scott...
the betrayed sin 'The Sins Who Saved Me' by AwesomePAnKake7
the betrayed sin 'The Sins Who AwesomePAnKake78330
[[DISCONTINUED]] Izuku found the sky fish that meliodas was looking for but he jumped in but Y/N and eri falls in what will happen to Izuku Kyoshi son of the third fair...
Shameless Temptation  by CourtneyAnneMcCann
Shameless Temptation by Courtney-Anne McCann
~One reserved girl. One intrusive boy. One City. One room. And one Shameless Temptation that they can't devour.~ ••...
Ninjago Cole daughter scenarios by yologirl023
Ninjago Cole daughter scenariosby yologirl023
Your found on the streets by none other than Cole Bucket, A Hero! A Ninja! You melt his rock heart and he takes you under his wing, teaching you, caring for you. And mos...
Literotica Story 4 [completed] by YrnesteenVale
Literotica Story 4 [completed]by chloelibe^
Oscar: My Family Album by shrekyardigans
Oscar: My Family Albumby shrekyardigans
Have you ever wondered what Oscar's family looks like, and what they are? Well, now is your chance to find out for yourself!!! Oscar & Lily are to the Smyths Toys Supers...
My New Life by sammy1234543
My New Lifeby samantha caine
this book is about a 7 year old girl names Alexandra her nickname is Alex she has long blonde hair and a beautiful smile and she lives a wonderful life with her parents...
Dolly. by JacAmmann
#16 Jac Ammann
Mommy bought me a dolly..... Oh! I love my dolly.... ....there's something wrong with Dolly. EXTREMELY SHORT CHAPTERS!
That girl by romantic_rachey
That girlby Racheybenette_123
About a girl called Jade who meets a beautiful women when she's out shopping with her mother. But little does she know that this women is a Mommy Dom who has a wife who...
Him and I by Akilah014
Him and Iby Akilah014
"Take your belt off", he said, pulling back. I took my belt off and he slipped his hand inside my dress, slowly moving his fingers down to the edges of my pant...
5 years later Brooke and Starvo pregnancy part 2 by Jojobrock22
5 years later Brooke and Starvo JB
5 years has passed since Brooke and Stavo had moved to New York because Stavo got into an art college so they moved with there son Tyler they also moved because the kill...