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Wings of fire as humans(Dragonets of destiny and Jade winglet) by PPSIMY64
Wings of fire as humans( Princess Skyler
The dragonets of destiny and the jade winglet are humans!
Wings of Fire: The Longest Day by Frostwolfu
Wings of Fire: The Longest Dayby Frostwolfu
The Lost Skywing. The Animus Descendant. The Hybrid. Duskblaze is excited to get to Jade Mountain Academy, but under the new friends, handsome dragons, and magic classe...
A Tale of Water- Wings of Fire [COMPLETE] by sleepybob
A Tale of Water- Wings of Fire [ ♪ ~ ( • ◡ • )ノ
Ever wondered what happened to Fathom and Indigo's children? Well, here is a story from their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-gre...
Wings of Fire: One Shots by Skywatcher_68
Wings of Fire: One Shotsby Queen of Dragons
One shots of Wings of Fire-whether it be moments from the future or the past-also combined with a few headcanons!
Wings Of Fire : The Lost Heir (2) by hyena__
Wings Of Fire : The Lost Heir (2)by hyena__
(ALL RIGHTS GO TO TUI SUTHERLAND) The WINGS OF FIRE saga continues with a thrilling underwater adventure -- and a mystery that will change everything! The lost heir to t...
Free | Aukliff (Older!Auklet x Older!Cliff)| Wings of Fire Fanfiction by RubyLavender1727
Free | Aukliff (Older!Auklet x a blobfish™
[DISCONTINUED] Four years ago, in the SeaWing kingdom, a lost princess returned home. The princess saved an egg--the last egg that Queen Coral would ever lay. The egg ha...
Wings of Fire: The Turning Tides | The Turning Tides #2 by acornerika
Wings of Fire: The Turning Tides | acornerika
Sequel to Missed. After the Battle of the Turning Tides, former seawing Queen Auklet has been usurped from her throne and arrested, and now in hiding. She's bitter, she'...
The 2 Heirs by iheartglorybringer
The 2 Heirsby iheartgloybringer
This is a cliff and auklet fanfiction it is really lovey-dovey and their love starts world war 3. That's all I'm gonna say so read my story, please. Thanks!
Tsunami's Journal- KEEP OUT!!! A WoF fanfic by DragonsNotWyverns
Tsunami's Journal- KEEP OUT!!! A PUFFS UNITE! BADGERS 4EVA!!!!!
Tsunami's journal- KEEP OUT!!! THAT MEANS YOU!!! YES, YOU!! STOP SNOOPING!! This is a Wings of Fire fanfiction! In this book, go into the world of Tsunami Cyprus, a thir...