Augustisuplifting Stories

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Words And Secrets by Shivran86
Words And Secretsby Māyā
Enjoy reading! This is my book of poems, containing mostly poems entered for contests and also poems I wrote for expressing myself Highest ranks: #1 in weeklywattpadcont...
Dreams Unfold by jmysticdreams
Dreams Unfoldby jmysticdreams
Randomly poetry unfolds the story from a dream. Mysterious and unexpected events happens in beyond. A third collection of dreams to unfold.
The Path I Walk by TheCircleOfWords
The Path I Walkby TheCircleOfWords
Let's go on an adventure into the world on my mind. Let's walk down the path that few choose to walk. I am here to show you my pain, my laughter, and so much more. I am...
Happy Me by voraus
Happy Meby Rishabh Istwal
Poem for encouragement created for contest.
Inspiration from Without by ladyclogan
Inspiration from Withoutby ladyclogan
Poem written for wattpad poetry contest.
The failure of One Hundred by HetzgerdOakenferl
The failure of One Hundredby HetzgerdOakenferl
Heyooo guys.... ... .. (Akward silence)..... Okay! So, This is a short poem basically talks about encouragement and how the encouragement of others won't help at all unt...
This Girl Can by nadeaknight98
This Girl Canby Nadea Knight
'This Girl Can' is a collection of all my past, present and future poetry that was/is written for contests on Wattpad put here in one book just for you lucky readers.. �...
Contrast by tori_cheng
Contrastby Victoria T Ochi
{ Featured in WP Poetry : 24 Aug 2018 } This one is to both sides of the coin, where there's a head and a tail. To every positive side there's a flip side. This is the y...
Love | Contest Entries by Nicoismysenpai
Love | Contest Entriesby Popcorn Supplier
A book of my contest entries. [ Stubborn Petals | Poetry to Prose || Contest Winner ] [ The Crying Violin | Poetry to Prose || Contest Winner ] [ Dreaming Reality | Just...
Nature & it's forms  by downpourg
Nature & it's forms by TsunamiofPoetry
This poem is structured as three different stories that come together in the fourth, to leave behind a common message with nature used as a compass to show the different...
The poems by Violetxrose1235
The poemsby Violet Rose
Poem entries for contests I enter, also poems I make myself that I will post in later chapters
My Collection of Contest Submissions by strugglingwriterlol
My Collection of Contest strugglingwriterlol
Here are some of my works that I have submitted into contests from different places.
Everending by C_M_Hatfield
Everendingby Caitlin Hatfield
"With these lips, these words I speak, Will be for only your ears to keep." Cover by: @soliterraneous
high feels by sxftstarz
high feelsby Lara Benson
Life would be depressing without people to encourage you, don't you think? this book started as a competition tryout but i'm kinda enjoying writing poems soo imma do tha...
THE THINGS I CAN'T SAY OUT LOUDby ...........................
A book of original poems. I'v never really shared my poetry so I hope you like it. All constructive criticism is appreciated.
EMPOWERMENT  by kajolee07
THIS BOOK CONTAINS ONE CHAPTER BASICALLY WRITTEN FOR #augustisuplifting . It is a poem written by me in order to show what EMPOWERMENT meant to me . I've been through t...
jellyfish hearts by perfectiondeception
jellyfish heartsby Phillip Emmans
these poems are all of my unfinished works from Wattpad, and then some. i hope you enjoy xo