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THATS TOO AMEE by Durararatrash
THATS TOO AMEEby HornyHeretic👀
Amelia Newmann, a woman hiding her enourmous curves due to science incident that makes her...see the future. However there's a BIG twist...she expands every time she see...
Fat stuff 👍 by iluvholly
Fat stuff 👍by iluvholly
this is like a bunch of mini stories in one. this is not commissioned, i'm writing this for fun! this will only include my oc's mark and ivy. and maybe a new oc i'm intr...
The Curse Of Curves by Reaperking1008
The Curse Of Curvesby Reaperking1008
A story about a boy who grew big tits and big ass for making fun of a witch in his college.
The Lust For Expansion (18+) by Reaperking1008
The Lust For Expansion (18+)by Reaperking1008
this story is about a middle school who had went to a high school because of her smarts that landed here in the high school. but she soon found a lust for expansion.
Spec Officer: Judy Bishop by ChounyuuChan
Spec Officer: Judy Bishopby ChounyuuChan
Judy Bishop is a Spec Officer, no one in Seingate City knows where she came from and she'd prefer it that way. Hint: It has something to do with her massive rear end. De...
Alien by Monkeydluffy8489
Alienby Monkeydluffy8489
An Alien crashed landed on earth and was stuck here. Later finds out there's another alien on the planet and things really start to happen
Alien Tech by Monkeydluffy8489
Alien Techby Monkeydluffy8489
Girl sees a object fall from the sky and goes check it out when she gets a surprised of a life time with cool ability's to do to herself or others.
Overwatch Expansion by LocalAWriter
Overwatch Expansionby AnonymousWriter
Tracer and Widowmaker are both bloated with gas that causes their assets as well as the ones of anyone around them to expand whenever they release it. They use their pow...