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A Snipers Target (Kinon Fanfic) by _DevilsAssassin_
A Snipers Target (Kinon Fanfic)by Kitsune
Not really sure why I wanted to write this, I have nothing against Asuna or anything I might make a story of her and Kirito after the second season and after the movie b...
The Fourth Bullet of Bullets (Sinon x Reader) by Calebsayshi5
The Fourth Bullet of Bullets ( Calebsayshi5
Asada Shino convinced herself that she would never go back to GGO after the Death Gun incident. But as the fourth Bullet of Bullets slowly creeped up on her she caved an...
Why Not Me? by Kirinaii-Leona
Why Not Me?by Kentaro // Taro
Lisbeth, Silica, Leafa, and Sinon all want Kirito, but Kirito loves Asuna. They all wonder, "Why not me?" Ooh, sounds like someone's jealous... Lisbeth, Silica...
A Nerd In Akatsuki No Yona by Shadow-Wielder
A Nerd In Akatsuki No Yonaby Mushroom
Nerd. That had been Chikaze Asada's label since she was a child. Even as a kid she was fascinated with art, anime, and reading. While other kids played and laughed tog...
The Black Swordsman and the Glaivier (SAO x Reader) by honoredbattle
The Black Swordsman and the Honoredbattle
Kazuto Kirigaya,or Kirito, and his little sister, Y/N Kirigaya, or P/N, are sucked into the death game of Sword Art Online. They have to try their hardest to clear the g...
Confession Begins Kazuto's Asada's Love Story by KinonStories
Confession Begins Kazuto's Asada' SAOFANFICS
The story is about Kirigaya Kazuto and Asada Shino as they get closer as time passes with one another. They will discover things between them that they couldn't have see...
Game Over: Sinon/Shino Asada x Male Reader by Orpheus_The_Poet
Game Over: Sinon/Shino Asada x Orpheus
The life of any one person can be exciting, as long as they have people around them to help them let loose. Shino Asada is not ones of these people. With a single person...
To heal a broken heart! (SAO fanfic) by KittyPawww
To heal a broken heart! (SAO KittyPaw
After Kirito had been abandoned by who he thought had been his one true love his heart seems shattered. Drowned in his sorrow he cuts off most of his social interactions...
The Moment by the_gay_shakespeare_
The Momentby The Viktuuri queen
Should this be a one shot? Comment yes or no. Read to find out more about this heart-wrenching tale about 2 teens, Asada and Kazuto. With the rather, pushy enemy, Asuna.
It's you and me (Sinon x Kirito) by AKMHA17
It's you and me (Sinon x Kirito)by AKMHA17
Kirito breaks up with Asuna. Bad news for him, but good news for someone else.
The Accident by AK47Writer
The Accidentby Alexander Kong
Kirito becomes devastated after a car accident that.... Killed Asuna the only person that can get to him is.... Sinon.
..Broken..(kinon) by Senpai867
..Broken..(kinon)by senpai867
Sbsvsvzvava Im thinking of a plot. NOTE: I DO NOT OWN SAO
30 HARI INI UNTUKMU by AsadaJeszl
30 HARI INI UNTUKMUby AsadaJeszl
30 hari ini aku akan lakukan apapun untukmu, dari hal kecil bahkan hal-hal yang tak terduga lainnya. 30 hari untukmu, untuk menjawab semua pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang mun...
Tearing Away by KinonStories
Tearing Awayby SAOFANFICS
It begins when Asuna Yuuki dies from Hitman that was after her entire family because her family messed up and now in big trouble with some people. Now Kazuto is very sad...
Ellen.Ricefarm by VanessaFabela4
Ellen.Ricefarmby Vanessa Fabela
Ellen loves Kanye Asada
Artbook by AsadaPhylan
Artbookby AsadaPhylan
Un artbook basique car on mis a obliger
Secret of SAO by angelfish333
Secret of SAOby Angelfish333
The newest VRMMO has hit the shelves, but a select few have been chosen to test it first. The gang discovers that there is more to this game than meets the eye and some...